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New Books January 2014


Here is the list of titles added to the Main Collection in January 2014. This list is sorted by the Library of Congress Call Number (LCCN); each entry includes LC call number, author, if pertinent, and title. If you want to see the full entry for any item, click on the title to go to InvestiGator, the Library's online catalog. To return to the New Books List, click the browser's back arrow.

If you are interested in a particular subject, but you do not know its LC call number, click on one of the entries in the menu to the left to move directly to the position in the New Book list where new titles relating to that subject begin.

A: General Works

No books under this heading this month.

B: Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion

Sneddon, Andrew,
B808.67 .S64 2013

The Oxford handbook of British philosophy in the seventeenth century
B1131 .O94 2013

Blaise Pascal on duplicity, sin and the Fall: the secret instinct
Wood, William Dalton.
B1903 .W66 2013

Philosophical methodology: the armchair or the laboratory?
BD241 .P435 2014

Chaosmosis: an ethico-aesthetic paradigm
Guattari, Félix,
BF175 .G81313 2006

Building happiness, resilience and motivation in adolescents: a positive psychology curriculum for well-being
MacConville, Ruth.
BF204.6 .M33 2012

The therapist's notebook on positive psychology: activities, exercises, and handouts
O'Hanlon, William Hudson.
BF 204.6 O43 2012

Mystic chemist: the life of Albert Hofmann and his discovery of LSD
Hagenbach, Dieter A.
BF209.L9 H34 2013

Sight unseen: an exploration of conscious and unconscious vision
Goodale, Melvyn A.
BF241 .G66 2013

Radical ecopsychology: psychology in the service of life
Fisher, Andy,
BF353.5.N37 F57 2013

Mindvaults: sociocultural grounds for pretending and imagining
Bogdan, Radu J.
BF408 .B565 2013

Why I hate you and you hate me: the interplay of envy, greed, jealousy, and narcissism in everyday life
Berke, Joseph H.
BF575.E65 B475 2012

The myths of happiness: what should make you happy but doesn't, what shouldn't make you happy but does
Lyubomirsky, Sonja.
BF575.H27 L983 2013

Rainy brain, sunny brain: how to retrain your brain to overcome pessimism and achieve a more positive outlook
Fox, Elaine.
BF698.35.O57 F69 2012

Emotion regulation in children and adolescents: a practitioner's guide
Southam-Gerow, Michael A.
BF723.E6 S68 2013

America bewitched: the story of witchcraft after salem
Davies, Owen,
BF1573 .D39 2013

The varieties of magical experience: indigenous, medieval, and modern magic
Hume, Lynne.
BF1589 .H86 2013

The founding of aesthetics in the German Enlightenment: the art of invention and the invention of art
Buchenau, Stefanie.
BH221.G32 B83 2013

Decomposing the will
BJ1461 .D37 2013

Merit: the history of a founding ideal from the American Revolution to the twenty-first century
Kett, Joseph F.
BJ1500.M47 K45 2013

Modern honor: a philosophical defense
Cunningham, Anthony,
BJ1533.H8 C86 2013

Big gods: how religion transformed cooperation and conflict
Norenzayan, Ara,
BL53 .N634 2013

An archaeology of religion
Wesler, Kit W.
BL65.A72 W47 2012

Shamanism and violence: power, repression and suffering in indigenous religious conflicts
BL2370.S5 S4735 2013

African spirituality: on becoming ancestors
Ephirim-Donkor, Anthony.
BL2480.A4 E64 2011

Your fatwa does not apply here: untold stories from the fight against Muslim fundamentalism
Bennoune, Karima.
BP166.14.F85 B455 2013

The ordination of a tree: the Thai Buddhist environmental movement
Darlington, Susan M.,
BQ4570.E58 D37 2012

Zealot: the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth
Aslan, Reza,
BT301.3 .A85 2013

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

An inquiry into modes of existence: an anthropology of the moderns
Latour, Bruno.
CB358 .L27813 2013

The Oxford handbook of wetland archaeology
CC77.W48 O94 2013

D: History: General and Old World

Going for broke: Japanese American soldiers in the war against Nazi Germany
McCaffrey, James M.,
D769.31 100th .M44 2013

Encyclopedia of Japanese American internment
D769.8.A6 E64 2013

Lenin, Trotsky, Germany and the Treaty of Brest -Litovsk: the collapse of the world revolution, November 1917-November 1918
Felʹshtinskiĭ, I︠U︡riĭ,
DK265 .F455 2012

Macedonia: the political, social, economic and cultural foundations of a Balkan state
De Munck, Victor C.
DR2173 .D46 2013

A history of the modern Middle East
Cleveland, William L.
DS62.4 .C53 2013

Religion and state in Syria: the Sunni Ulama from coup to revolution
Pierret, Thomas.
DS95.5 .P5413 2013

Syria's uprising and the fracturing of the Levant
Hokayem, Emile.
DS98.6 .H65 2013

The coup: 1953, the CIA, and the roots of modern U.S.-Iranian relations
Abrahamian, Ervand,
DS318.6 .A26 2013

Pakistan the garrison state: origins, evolution, consequences, 1947-2011
Ahmed, Ishtiaq,
DS384 .A7225 2013

Sonia Gandhi: an extraordinary life, an Indian destiny
Singh, Rani
DS481.G325 S56 2011

The making of Southeast Asia: international relations of a region
Acharya, Amitav,
DS525.8 .A25 2013

Chinatowns around the world: gilded ghetto, ethnopolis, and cultural diaspora
DS732 .C55525 2013

The journey to Tahrir: revolution, protest, and social change in Egypt
DT107.87 .J68 2012

Adaptable autocrats: regime power in Egypt and Syria
Stacher, Joshua,
DT107.87 .S73 2012

Sandstorm: Libya in the time of revolution
Hilsum, Lindsey.
DT236 .H55 2012

Algerian chronicles
Camus, Albert,
DT295 .C293 2013

E: History: America in General

A different medicine: postcolonial healing in the Native American Church
Calabrese, Joseph D.
E98.R3 C35 2013

Encyclopedia of the American Indian Movement
Johansen, Bruce E.
E98.T77 J63 2013

A gathering of statesmen: records of the Choctaw council meetings, 1826-1828
Pitchlynn, Peter Perkins,
E99.C8 P59 2013

Where the river ends: contested indigeneity in the Mexican Colorado Delta
Muehlmann, Shaylih,
E99.C842 M84 2013

An archaeology of doings: secularism and the study of Pueblo religion
Fowles, Severin M.
E99.T2 F68 2013

Celebrating debutantes and quinceañeras: coming of age in American ethnic communities
Rodriguez, Evelyn Ibatan,
E184.A1 R635 2013

Beyond the Chinese connection: contemporary Afro-Asian cultural production
Anderson, Crystal S.
E184.A75 A53 2013

Bend, not break: a life in two worlds
Fu, Ping,
E184.C5 .F84 2013

Brown skin, white minds: Filipino-/American postcolonial psychology (with commentaries) = Kayumanggi balat, puti isip
David, E. J. R.
E184.F4 .D38 2013

Bengali Harlem and the lost histories of South Asian America
Bald, Vivek.
E184.S69 B35 2013

Citizenship excess: Latinas/os, media, and the nation
Amaya, Hector.
E184.S75 A43 2013

The American non-dilemma: racial inequality without racism
DiTomaso, Nancy.
E185.61 .D58 2013

Beyond stereotypes in black and white: how everyday leaders can build healthier opportunities for African American boys and men
Treadwell, Henrie M.
E185.86 .T74 2013

Paul Robeson: a life of activism and art
Swindall, Lindsey R.,
E185.97.R63 S948 2013

Book of ages: the life and opinions of Jane Franklin
Lepore, Jill,
E302.6.F8 L427 2013

The internal enemy: slavery and war in Virginia, 1772-1832
Taylor, Alan,
E445.V8 T38 2013

The center holds: Obama and his enemies
Alter, Jonathan.
E907 .A448 2013

H: Social Sciences

Measuring what we spend: toward a new consumer expenditure survey
HB235.U6 M44 2013

Pathology of the capitalist spirit: an essay on greed, hope, and loss
Levine, David P.,
HB501 .L3973 2013

Recovering from the global financial crisis: achieving financial stability in times of uncertainty
Ojo, Marianne.
HB3717 2008 .O357 2013

The third globalization: can wealthy nations stay rich in the twenty-first century?
HC21 .T534 2013

Poor economics: a radical rethinking of the way to fight global poverty
Banerjee, Abhijit V.
HC59.7 .B323 2012

Rising tide: is growth in emerging economies good for the United States?
Edwards, Lawrence.
HC59.7 .E326 2013

The economic impacts of natural disasters
HC79.D45 E23 2013

Measuring and evaluating sustainability: ethics in sustainability indexes
Fredericks, Sarah E.
HC79.E5 F6957 2014

Sordid boon?: the context of sustainability in historical and contemporary global economies
Lumley, Sarah,
HC79.E5 L857 2013

What then must we do?: straight talk about the next American revolution
Alperovitz, Gar.
HC106.84 .A47 2013

Secrets of Silicon Valley: what everyone else can learn from the innovation capital of the world
Piscione, Deborah Perry.
HC107.C22 S3957 2013

The Undeserving rich: American beliefs about inequality, opportunity, and redistribution
McCall, Leslie,
HC110.I5 M374 2013

The Lilliputians of environmental regulation: the perspective of state regulators
Pautz, Michelle C.
HC110.P55 P38 2013

Black asset poverty and the enduring racial divide
Martin, Lori Latrice.
HC110.P6 M32 2013

The political economy of disaster: destitution, plunder and earthquake in Haiti
Lundahl, Mats,
HC153 .L867 2013

Towards an effective European single market: implementing the various forms of European policy instruments across member states
Kaeding, Michael.
HC240 .K273 2013

Business networks in Syria: the political economy of authoritarian resilience
Haddad, Bassam,
HC415.23 .H33 2012

The rise of the consumer in modern China
Wang, Ning,
HC430.C6 W365 2012

Peter Drucker's the five most important question self assessment tool: facilitator's guide
Drucker, Peter F.
HD62.6 .D784 2010

Fresh fruit, broken bodies: migrant farmworkers in the United States
Holmes, Seth M.,
HD1525 .H685 2013

Assault on paradise: perspectives on globalization and class struggles
Mentan, Tatah,
HD2755.5 .M465 2012

The fracturing of the American corporate elite
Mizruchi, Mark S.
HD2785 .M574 2013

Risk: negotiating safety in American society
Mohun, Arwen,
HD4605 .M63 2013

Gender, work, and economy: unpacking the global economy
Gottfried, Heidi,
HD6053 .G67 2013

Empowering women in work in developing countries
Klaveren, Maarten van.
HD6223 .K525 2012

Global anti-unionism: nature, dynamics, trajectories and outcomes
HD6483 .G54 2013

Made in the USA: the rise and retreat of American manufacturing
Smil, Vaclav,
HD9725 .S57 2013

Street fight: the politics of mobility in San Francisco
Henderson, Jason,
HE310.S36 H45 2013

Metro rail projects in India: a study in project planning
Ramachandran, M.,
HE4994 .R36 2012

The great Indian phone book: how the cheap cell phone changes business, politics, and daily life
Doron, Assa.
HE9715.I4 D67 2013

The death of corporate reputation: how integrity has been destroyed on Wall Street
Macey, Jonathan R.
HF5387 .M2983 2013

Wal-Mart wars: moral populism in the twenty-first century
Massengill, Rebekah Peeples,
HF5429 .M337 2013

From microfinance to the building of local institutions: the origins and evolution of the micro-credit programme of the OPP's Orangi Charitable Trust, Karachi, Pakistan
Hasan, Arif,
HG178.33.P3 H37 2012

Foreign direct investment in the United States: benefits, suspicions, and risks with special attention to FDI from China
Moran, Theodore H.,
HG4910 .M664 2013

The billionaire's apprentice: the rise of the Indian-American elite and the fall of the Galleon hedge fund
Raghavan, Anita.
HG4928.5 .R34 2013

House of cards: a tale of hubris and wretched excess on Wall Street
Cohan, William D.
HG4930.5 .C64 2009

Rich people's movements: grassroots campaigns to untax the one percent
Martin, Isaac William.
HJ4652 .M386 2013

Ageing and youth culture: music, style and identity
HM646 .A456 2012

The view from above: the science of social space
Haffner, Jeanne,
HM654 .H34 2013

Community-based participatory research
Hacker, Karen.
HM711 .H33 2013

Analyzing the social web
Golbeck, Jennifer.
HM742 .G65 2013

Twitter: social communication in the Twitter age
Murthy, Dhiraj.
HM743.T95 M87 2013

Understanding digital culture
Miller, Vincent
HM851 .M545 2011

Civility in the digital age: how companies and people can triumph over haters, trolls, bullies, and other jerks
Weckerle, Andrea.
HM1126 .W43 2013

Follow the leader: the one thing great leaders have that great followers want
Gobillot, Emmanuel.
HM1261 .G6315 2013

The Myth of individualism: how social forces shape our lives
Callero, Peter L.
HM1276 .C35 2013

Race, class, power, and organizing in East Baltimore: rebuilding abandoned communities in America
Gomez, Marisela B.,
HN80.B3 G66 2013

Coming home to New Orleans: neighborhood rebuilding after Katrina
Seidman, Karl F.
HN80.N45 S35 2013

Arab society in revolt: the West's Mediterranean challenge
HN650.7.A8 A73 2012

Restless China
HN733.5 .R47 2013

Sexuality in France: practices, gender & health
HQ18.F8 S495 2012

Sexidemic: a cultural history of sex in America
Samuel, Lawrence R.
HQ18.U5 S26 2013

Norman Haire and the study of sex
Wyndham, Diana.
HQ18.32.H35 W96 2012

Understanding asexuality
Bogaert, Anthony F.,
HQ21 .B754 2012

The sexual history of the global South: sexual politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America
HQ23 .S484 2013

Becoming sexual: a critical appraisal of the sexualization of girls
Egan, R. Danielle.
HQ27.5 .E39 2013

Hard to get: twenty-something women and the paradox of sexual freedom
Bell, Leslie C.,
HQ29 .B42 2013

Women, sexuality and the political power of pleasure
HQ29 .W668 2013

Sex so great she can't get enough
Keesling, Barbara.
HQ36 .K445 2012

Slow sex: the art and craft of the female orgasm
Daedone, Nicole.
HQ46 .D25 2012

Bi: notes for a bisexual revolution
Eisner, Shiri,
HQ74 .E35 2013

Sexuality and social justice in Africa: rethinking homophobia and forging resistance
Epprecht, Marc,
HQ76.3.A35 E774 2013

Hungochani: the history of a dissident sexuality in Southern Africa
Epprecht, Marc.
HQ76.3.A356 E77 2013

Sexual outsiders: understanding BDSM sexualities and communities
Ortmann, David M.,
HQ79 .O78 2013

Trafficking in slavery's wake: law and the experience of women and children
HQ281 .T7179 2012

The Japanese family in transition: from the professional housewife ideal to the dilemmas of choice
Vogel, Suzanne Hall,
HQ682 .V65 2013

Tuning into mom: understanding America's most powerful consumer
Clements, Michal,
HQ759 .C54 2011

Mommyblogs and the changing face of motherhood
Friedman, May,
HQ759 .F7424 2013

Reproductive politics: what everyone needs to know
Solinger, Rickie,
HQ766.5.U5 S673 2013

Designing the creative child: playthings and places in midcentury America
Ogata, Amy Fumiko,
HQ792.U5 O39 2013

Love and empire: cybermarriage and citizenship across the Americas
Schaeffer, Felicity Amaya.
HQ1031 .S277 2013

Transnational feminism in the United States: knowledge, ethics, and power
Fernandes, Leela.
HQ1155 .F47 2013

Evolution's empress: Darwinian perspectives on the nature of women
HQ1206 .E956 2013

The search for the beautiful woman: a cultural history of Japanese and Chinese beauty
Chō, Kyō,
HQ1220.J3 C5313 2012

Indigenous women and work: from labor to activism
HQ1381 .I42 2012

Overt and covert treasures: essays on the sources for Chinese women's history
HQ1767 .O94 2012

Building urban resilience: principles, tools and practice
HT166 .B8195 2013

Shanghai gone: domicide and defiance in a Chinese megacity
Shao, Qin,
HT169.C62 S527 2012

Charter of the new urbanism: congress for the new urbanism
HT334.U5 C478 2013

Designing suburban futures: new models from build a better burb
Williamson, June.
HT352.U6 W55 2013

China's environmental policy and urban development
HT361 .C495 2013

Bonds of alliance: indigenous and Atlantic slaveries in New France
Rushforth, Brett.
HT1051 .R87 2012

Social welfare in East Asia and the Pacific
HV376 .S634 2013

How nonprofits work: case studies in nonprofit organizations
Budrys, Grace,
HV687 .B795 2013

Disability and social theory: new developments and directions
HV1568 .D5638 2012

Digital outcasts: moving technology forward without leaving people behind
Smith, Kel.
HV1569.5 .S633 2013

Hospice social work
Reese, Dona J.
HV3001.A4 R44 2013

Down and out in Los Angeles and Berlin: the sociospatial exclusion of homeless people
Von Mahs, Jürgen,
HV4506.L67 V66 2013

Confronting animal exploitation: grassroots essays on liberation and veganism
HV4708 .C66 2013

Alcohol and violence: the nature of the relationship and the promise of prevention
Parker, Robert Nash.
HV5053 .P373 2013

Gendered politics in the modern South: the Susan Smith case and the rise of a new sexism
Williams, Keira V.,
HV6541.U62 U568 2012

Organized crime in Chicago: beyond the Mafia
Lombardo, Robert M.
HV6795.C4 L58 2012

Jammed up: bad cops, police misconduct, and the New York City Police Department
Kane, Robert J.
HV8148.N5 K36 2013

Violence and punishment: civilizing the body through time
Spierenburg, Petrus Cornelis.
HV8501 .S65 2013

The globalization of supermax prisons
HV8665 .G53 2013

Falling back: incarceration and transitions to adulthood among urban youth
Fader, Jamie J.
HV9106.P5 F33 2013

Crime and punishment in America
Currie, Elliott.
HV9471 .C87 2013

J: Political Science

No books under this heading this month.

On politics: a history of political thought from Herodotus to the present
Ryan, Alan,
JA71 .R93 2012

Clandestine political violence
Della Porta, Donatella,
JC328.6 .D445 2013

Presidential leadership and the creation of the American era
Nye, Joseph S.,
JK516 .N94 2013

Chinese politics and government: power, ideology, and organization
Guo, Sujian,
JQ1510 .G865 2013

Beyond the Arab spring: authoritarianism & democratization in the Arab world
JQ1850.A58 B49 2012

The Arab revolution: ten lessons from the democratic uprising
Filiu, Jean-Pierre.
JQ1850.A91 F55 2011

Of empires and citizens: pro-American democracy or no democracy at all?
Jamal, Amaney A.,
JQ1850.A91 J348 2012

Countering displacements: the creativity and resilience of indigenous and refugee-ed peoples
JV6346 .C69 2012

Catapulted: youth migration and the making of a skilled Albanian diaspora
Ellis, Burcu Akan.
JV8296 .E45 2013

Non-Western international relations theory: perspectives on and beyond Asia
JZ1238.A78 N66 2010

International relations in France: writing between discipline and state
Breitenbauch, Henrik.
JZ1238.F73 B74 2013

Understanding global conflict and cooperation: an introduction to theory and history
Nye, Joseph S.
JZ1305 .N94 2013

New public diplomacy in the 21st century: a comparative study of policy and practice
Pamment, James.
JZ1305 .P36 2013

The nation state and beyond: governing globalization processes in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
JZ1318 .N38 2013

The great convergence: Asia, the West, and the logic of one world
Mahbubani, Kishore,
JZ1670 .M33 2013

Catalysts for change: how the UN's independent experts promote human rights
Piccone, Theodore J.
JZ4974 .P53 2012

Rethinking peacebuilding: the quest for just peace in the Middle East and the Western Balkans
JZ5538 .R475 2013

Political economy of nation building: the world's unfinished business
Ott, Mack.
JZ6300 .O77 2012

L: Education

Assessing 21st century skills : summary of a workshop
LA217.2 .A797 2011

America's education deficit and the war on youth
Giroux, Henry A.
LA217.2 .G536 2013

The hope for audacity: recapturing optimism and civility in education
LA217.2 .H66 2012

The smartest kids in the world: and how they got that way
Ripley, Amanda.
LB43 .R625 2013

Multiculturalism in technology-based education: case studies on ICT-supported approaches
LB1028.3 .M84 2013

Evaluation in e-learning
LB1028.43 .E9426 2012

Handbook of early childhood education
LB1139.25 .H34 2012

Handbook of early childhood education
LB1139.25 .H343 2012

Not a stage!: a critical re-conception of young adolescent education
LB1623.5 .N68 2012

Provoking conversations on inquiry in teacher education
LB1707 .P784 2012

The organization of higher education: managing colleges for a new era
LB2341 .O819 2012

Transpacific articulations: student migration and the remaking of Asian America
Wang, Chih-ming,
LB2376.5.C6 W36 2013

The failure of corporate school reform
Saltman, Kenneth J.,
LB2806.36 .S264 2012

Reclaiming school in the aftermath of trauma: advice based on experience
LB2866.5 .R43 2012

Activating assessment for all students: differentiated instruction and informative methods in math and science
Hamm, Mary.
LB3051 .H319 2013

Sage handbook of research on classroom assessment
LB3051 .S23 2013

Home is where the school is: the logic of homeschooling and the emotional labor of mothering
Lois, Jennifer.
LC40 .L65 2013

Coming out of the closet: exploring LGBT issues in strategic communication with theory and research
LC192.6 .C666 2013

Pedagogy: new developments in the learning sciences
LC196 .P455 2012

Lessons in educational equality: successful approaches to intractable problems around the world
LC213 .L47 2012

The hope for audacity: public identity and equity action in education
LC213.2 .H64 2012

A persistent reformer: Jonathan Kozol's work to promote equality in America
LC213.2 .P48 2012

Inequality for all: the challenge of unequal opportunity in American schools
Schmidt, William H.
LC213.2 .S365 2012

Envisioning equity: educating and graduating low-income, first-generation, and minority college students
Provitera-McGlynn, Angela.
LC1039.5 .P76 2011

Internationalising education: global perspectives on collaboration and change
LC1095 .I578 2012

Rethinking multicultural education for the next generation: the new empathy and social justice
Dolby, Nadine,
LC1099 .M49 2012

The misrepresented minority: new insights on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and the implications for higher education
LC2633.6 .M57 2013

Education and immigration
Kao, Grace.
LC3746 .K36 2013

M: Music & Books on Music

Encyclopedia of Native American music of North America
Keillor, Elaine,
ML102.N37 K45 2013

Musical theory in the Renaissance
ML174 .M87 2013

Composing dissent: avant-garde music in 1960s Amsterdam
Adlington, Robert.
ML295.5 .A35 2013

Bach's testament: on the philosophical and theological background of The art of fugue
Göncz, Zoltán.
ML410.B13 G6713 2013

Brahms beyond mastery: his Sarabande and Gavotte, and its recompositions
Pascall, Robert.
ML410.B8 P26 2013

Benjamin Britten: a life for music
Powell, Neil,
ML410.B853 P68 2013

Messiaen's final works
Dingle, Christopher Philip.
ML410.M595 D57 2013

Messiaen the theologian
ML410.M595 M488 2010

Mozart's ghosts: haunting the halls of musical culture
Everist, Mark.
ML410.M9 E946 2012

The amazing Bud Powell: Black genius, jazz history, and the challenge of bebop
Ramsey, Guthrie P.
ML417.P73 R36 2013

Mr. P.C.: the life and music of Paul Chambers
Palmer, Rob
ML418.C56 P35 2012

Walk tall: the music & life of Julian "Cannonball" Adderley
Ginell, Cary.
ML419.A27 G56 2013

Learning to listen: the jazz journey of Gary Burton: an autobiography
Burton, Gary.
ML419.B87 A3 2013

Yellow power, yellow soul: the radical art of Fred Ho
ML419.H65 Y45 2013

Liveness in modern music: musicians, technology, and the perception of performance
Sanden, Paul.
ML457 .S23 2013

Electronic and computer music
Manning, Peter,
ML1380 .M36 2013

Anything goes: a history of American musical theatre
Mordden, Ethan,
ML1711 .M732 2013

Pop-rock music: aesthetic cosmopolitanism in late modernity
Regev, Motti.
ML3470 .R44 2013

The politics of opera in Handel's Britain
McGeary, Thomas,
ML3918.O64 M35 2013

Baby boomer rock 'n' roll fans: the music never ends
Kotarba, Joseph A.
ML3918.P67 K65 2013

Inside conducting
Seaman, Christopher,
MT85 .S473 2013

N: Fine Arts

Art and authenticity
N70 .A78 2012

Painting and photography, 1839-1914
Font-Réaulx, Dominique de.
N72.P5 F66 2012

Art and psychoanalysis
Walsh, Maria.
N72.P74 W357 2013

Science of culture and the phenomenology of styles
Barilli, Renato.
N72.S6 B3413 2012

Medieval modern: art out of time
Nagel, Alexander.
N5975 .N34 2012

What was contemporary art?
Meyer, Richard,
N6490 .M483 2013

Inventing Abstraction, 1910-1925: how a radical idea changed modern art
N6494.A2 I58 2012

It's the political economy, stupid: the global financial crisis in art and theory
N6497 .I87 2013

Light show.
N6498.L54 L54 2013

Mexico and American modernism
Landau, Ellen G.
N6512.5.M63 L36 2013

A troublesome subject: the art of Robert Arneson
Fineberg, Jonathan David.
N6537.A675 F56 2013

Scott Burton: collected writings on art and performance, 1965-1975
Burton, Scott,
N6537.B8775 A35 2012

Angels, demons and savages: Pollock, Ossorio, Dubuffet
Ottmann, Klaus.
N6537.O77 A4 2013

From silverpoint to silver screen: Andy Warhol, 1950s drawings
Warhol, Andy,
N6537.W28 A4 2012c

Andy Warhol
Ketner, Joseph D.,
N6537.W28 K48 2013

Rembrant's century
Ganz, James A.
N6756 .G36 2013

Spheres of action: art and politics
N6758 .S64 2013

The myth of Nouveau Réalisme: art and the performative in postwar France
Cabañas, Kaira Marie,
N6758.5.N68 C33 2013

Paula Modersohn-Becker: the first modern woman artist
Radycki, J. Diane,
N6888.M5 R33 2013

Italian Renaissance art: understanding its meaning
Joost-Gaugier, Christiane L.
N6915 .J66 2013

Influences: art, optics, and astrology in the Italian Renaissance
Quinlan-McGrath, Mary,
N6915 .M42 2013

The arts of India, Southeast Asia, and the Himalayas at the Dallas Museum of Art
N7260 .D35 2013

India: art now
N7305 .I43 2012

The matter within: new contemporary art of India
N7305 .M38 2012

We are Polit-Sheer Form =Zheng chun ban
N7345.6 .W4 2011

Crossing the sea: essays on East Asian art in honor of Professor Yoshiaki Shimuzu
N7353 .C76 2012

Korean Eye 2012
N7365.6 .K67 2012

Art & visual culture: a reader
N7425 .A78 2012

Various small books: referencing various small books by Ed Ruscha
Taylor, Phil
N7433.3 .T38 2013

The melancholy art
Holly, Michael Ann.
N7480 .H65 2013

Portrayal and the search for identity
Pointon, Marcia R.
N7575 .P65 2013

Where heaven and earth meet: the spiritual in the art of Kandinsky, Rothko, Warhol, and Kiefer
Stoker, W.
N8248.S77 S76 2012

Making Art Panamerican: Cultural Policy and the Cold War
Fox, Claire F.
N8846.A45 F69 2013

Renaissance architecture
Anderson, Christy.
NA510 .A54 2013

Cosmos of light: the sacred architecture of Le Corbusier
Plummer, Henry,
NA1053.J4 P595 2013

Original copies: architectural mimicry in contemporary China
Bosker, Bianca.
NA1545 .B67 2013

Greek sculpture
Spivey, Nigel Jonathan.
NB90 .S65 2013

Isamu Noguchi's modernism: negotiating race, labor, and nation, 1930-1950
Lyford, Amy,
NB237.N6 L94 2013

Sculpture now
Moszynska, Anna.
NB1142 .M77 2013

Painters and Paintings in the Early American South
Weekley, Carolyn J.
ND220 .W44 2013

Czech modern painters (1888-1918)
Wittlich, Petr.
ND530.5.M63 W5813 2012

Picasso and the chess player: Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, and the battle for the soul of modern art
Witham, Larry,
ND553.P5 W547 2013

Gerhard Richter: war cut.
Richter, Gerhard,
ND588.R48 A4 2012b

Salvador Dalí: the making of an artist
Grenier, Catherine.
ND813.D3 G74 2012

Midnight to the boom: painting in India after independence from the Peabody Essex Museum's Herwitz Collection
Bean, Susan S.
ND1004 .B35 2013

Painting of the realm: the Kano house of painters in 17th-century Japan
Lippit, Yukio,
ND1053.44.K35 L57 2012

Paul Gauguin: the prints
NE650.G3 A4 2012

Out of character: decoding Chinese calligraphy
NK3634.A2 O87 2012

Radical sensations: world movements, violence, and visual culture
Streeby, Shelley,
NX456 .S85 2013

A bigger splash: painting after performance
NX456.5.P38 B53 2012

Prague, capital of the twentieth century: a surrealist history
Sayer, Derek.
NX571.C92 P777 2013

Newtopia: the state of human rights
NX650.H78 N49 2012

San Francisco: arts for the city: civic art and urban change, 1932-2012
Wels, Susan.
NX742.C22 S369 2013

P: Language & Literature

A thousand morons
Monzó, Quim,
PC3942.23.O53 M5513 2012

Psalm 44
Kiš, Danilo,
PG1419.21.I8 P7713 2012

There once lived a girl who seduced her sister's husband, and he hanged himself: love stories
Petrushevskai︠a︡, Li︠u︡dmila.
PG3485.E724 A2 2013

Islam translated: literature, conversion, and the Arabic cosmopolis of South and Southeast Asia
Ricci, Ronit.
PJ813 .R533 2011

The forbidden: poems from Iran and its exiles
PK6449.E5 F67 2012

Three-dimensional reading: stories of time and space in Japanese modernist fiction, 1911-1932
PL747.63 .T52 T57 2013

Mandala road
Bandō, Masako,
PL846.A256 M3613 2013

A day in the life, and other stories
Kuroi, Senji,
PL855.U697 A2 2013

The fiction of narrative: essays on history, literature, and theory, 1957-2007
White, Hayden V.,
PN511 .W58 2010

Fictions of autonomy: modernism from Wilde to de Man
Goldstone, Andrew,
PN771 .G65 2013

New Argentine cinema
Andermann, Jens.
PN1993.5.A7 A53 2012

Remaking Chinese cinema: through the prism of Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Hollywood
Wang, Yiman,
PN1993.5.C4 W278 2013

From Bombay to Bollywood: the making of a global media industry
Punathambekar, Aswin.
PN1993.5.I8 P86 2013

A history of Spanish film: cinema and society, 1910-2010
Faulkner, Sally,
PN1993.5.S7 F339 2013

Indian accents: brown voice and racial performance in American television and film
Davé, Shilpa.
PN1995.9.A255 D38 2013

Latin American documentary filmmaking: major works
Foster, David William.
PN1995.9.D6 F67 2013

First films of the Holocaust: Soviet cinema and the genocide of the Jews, 1938-1946
Hicks, Jeremy.
PN1995.9.H53 H53 2012

Native Americans on film: conversations, teaching, and theory
PN1995.9.I48 N38 2013

Seeing red: Hollywood's pixeled skins: American Indians and film
PN1995.9.I48 S44 2013

Go west, young women!: the rise of early Hollywood
Hallett, Hilary A.
PN1995.9.W6 H23 2013

PN1997.V479 V47 2013

Lincoln: the screenplay
Kushner, Tony.
PN1997.2 .L553 2012

The Slumdog phenomenon: a critical anthology
PN1997.2.S583 S58 2013

Jean-Luc Godard
Morrey, Douglas.
PN1998.3.G63 M67 2005

Ferocious reality: documentary according to Werner Herzog
Ames, Eric,
PN1998.3.H477 A63 2012

Visconti: insights into flesh and blood
García Düttmann, Alexander.
PN1998.3.V57 G3713 2009

Vivid & continuous: essays and exercises for writing fiction
McNally, John,
PN3355 .M377 2013

Possible worlds of fiction and history: the postmodern stage
Doležel, Lubomír.
PN3441 .D65 2010

The Latino threat: constructing immigrants, citizens, and the nation
Chavez, Leo R.
PN4888.H57 C43 2013

Black comics: politics of race and representation
PN6725 .B56 2013

Poems of consummation
Aleixandre, Vicente,
PQ6601.L26 P613 2013

García Lorca, Federico,
PQ6613.A763 B4313 2013

Estatua con palomas =Statue with doves (1992), a novel
Goytisolo, Luis,
PQ6657.O9 E8513 2013

The no world concerto: [a novel]
García Porta, Antoni.
PQ6707.A37 C6613 2013

Advice from 1 disciple of Marx to 1 Heidegger fanatic
Santiago Papasquiaro, Mario,
PQ7298.29.A466 A613 2013

A cage within: poems
Guerra, Wendy,
PQ7390.G773 A2 2013

Where there's love, there's hate
Bioy Casares, Adolfo.
PQ7797.B535 L613 2013

The no variations: journal of an unfinished novel
Chitarroni, Luis,
PQ7798.13.H52 P4413 2013

Timote: a novel
Feinmann, José Pablo.
PQ7798.16.E37 T5613 2012

Who was William Shakespeare?: an introduction to the life and works
Callaghan, Dympna.
PR2894 .C27 2013

Olivia Manning: a woman at war
David, Deirdre,
PR6063.A384 Z63 2012

Golden boy: a novel
Tarttelin, Abigail,
PR6120.A487 G65 2013

Avant-garde Canadian literature: the early manifestations
Betts, Gregory,
PR9194.52.E97 B43 2013

Reading Marechera
PR9390.9.M3 Z86 2013

How to live on the planet earth: collected poems
Sakaki, Nanao,
PR9515.9.S24 A6 2013

Modern minority: Asian American literature and everyday life
Lee, Yoon Sun.
PS153.A84 L45 2013

Preaching and the rise of the American novel
Coleman, Dawn
PS166 .C65 2013

Desire and the divine: feminine identity in white southern women's writing
Amende, Kathaleen E.,
PS261 .A54 2013

The Cambridge companion to the literature of Los Angeles
PS285.L7 C36 2010

To fight aloud is very brave: American poetry and the Civil War
Barrett, Faith,
PS310.C585 B37 2012

Pimping fictions: African American crime literature and the untold story of Black pulp publishing
Gifford, Justin,
PS374.N4 G485 2013

Women's work: nationalism and contemporary African American women's novels
Thorsson, Courtney,
PS374.N4 T49 2013

Walking the clouds: an anthology of indigenous science fiction
PS501 .S85 vol.69

Men at work: rediscovering Depression-era stories from the Federal Writers' Project
PS508.W73 M46 2012

Occupy SF: poems from the movement: an anthology of voices for social change
PS593.P77 O33 2012

Words of protest, words of freedom: poetry of the American civil rights movement and era
PS595.R32 W549 2012

Little women: an annotated edition
Alcott, Louisa May,
PS1017 .L5 2012b

T.S. Eliot and early modern literature
Matthews, Steven,
PS3509.L43 Z76 2013

Farther and Wilder: the lost weekends and literary dreams of Charles Jackson
Bailey, Blake,
PS3519.A323 Z54 2013

Wallace Stevens and the demands of modernity: toward a phenomenology of value
Altieri, Charles,
PS3537.T4753 Z557 2013

Tennessee Williams: a literary life
Bak, John S.
PS3545.I5365 .Z5738 2013

Learning for revolution: the work of Kathy Acker
Dew, Spencer.
PS3551.C44 Z56 2011

Perspectives on Percival Everett
PS3555.V34 Z85 2013

The world is round: poems
Finney, Nikky.
PS3556.I53 W67 2013

The signature of all things: a novel
Gilbert, Elizabeth,
PS3557.I3415 S54 2013

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia
Hamid, Mohsin,
PS3558.A42169 H69 2013

Tiger Writing: Art, Culture, and the Interdependent Self
Jen, Gish.
PS3560.E474 Z46 2013

The lowland: a novel
Lahiri, Jhumpa.
PS3562.A316 L69 2013b

Sweet will: poems
Levine, Philip,
PS3562.E9 A6 2013

Someone: [a novel]
McDermott, Alice.
PS3563.C355 S66 2013

Toni Morrison: an ethical poetics
Christiansë, Yvette.
PS3563.O8749 Z612 2013

A tale for the time being
Ozeki, Ruth L.
PS3565.Z45 T35 2013

Brothers under a same sky: a novel
Pak, Gary,
PS3566.A39 B76 2013

Silber, Joan.
PS3569.I414 F66 2013

John Updike's Early Years
De Bellis, Jack.
PS3571.P4 Z635 2013

The color purple
Walker, Alice,
PS3573.A425 C6 2003

The wonderful stupid man: fiction
Frost, Allen.
PS3606.R64 W66 2012

The flamethrowers: a novel
Kushner, Rachel.
PS3611.U7386 F57 2013

A constellation of vital phenomena: a novel
Marra, Anthony.
PS3613.A768726 C66 2013

Little stranger
Olstein, Lisa,
PS3615.L78 L58 2013

This is running for your life: essays
Orange, Michelle.
PS3615.R28 T47 2013

Last car over the Sagamore bridge: stories
Orner, Peter.
PS3615.R58 L37 2013

Turn me loose: the unghosting of Medgar Evers: poems
Walker, Frank X.,
PS3623.A359 T87 2013

The Jew car: fourteen days from two decades
Fühmann, Franz,
PT2611.U436 J8313 2013

Hohl, Ludwig.
PT2617.O527 8313 2012.

Seghers, Anna,
PT2635.A27 T713 2013

Perlefter: the story of a bourgeois
Roth, Joseph,
PT2635.O84 P413 2013

Dark company: a novel in ten rainy nights
Loschütz, Gert,
PT2672.O84 D8613 2012

Q: Science

Evidence and method: scientific strategies of Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell
Achinstein, Peter.
Q174.8 .A238 2013

An introduction to Gödel's theorems
Smith, Peter,
QA9.65 .S65 2013

Mathematics teacher education in the public interest: equity and social justice
QA10.5 .M415 2012

Love and math: the heart of hidden reality
Frenkel, Edward,
QA29.F725 F74 2013

The C++ programming language
Stroustrup, Bjarne.
QA76.73.C153 S77 2013

Algorithms unlocked
Cormen, Thomas H.
QA76.9.A43 C685 2013

Mathematics teacher noticing: seeing through teachers' eyes
QA135.6 .M3854 2011

Algebraic geometry and commutative algebra
Bosch, S.
QA564 .B67 2013

Magnificent Principia: exploring Isaac Newton's masterpiece
Pask, Colin,
QA803 .P37 2013

Science before Socrates: Parmenides, Anaxagoras, and the new astronomy
Graham, Daniel W.
QB21 .G73 2013

Are we being watched?: the search for life in the cosmos
Murdin, Paul.
QB54 .M87 2013

Planetfall: new solar system visions
Benson, Michael,
QB121 .B46 2012

Dynamics and evolution of galactic nuclei
Merritt, David,
QB858.3 .M47 2013

Farewell to reality: how modern physics has betrayed the search for scientific truth
Baggott, J. E.
QC6 .B29 2013

Bankrupting physics: how today's top scientists are gambling away their credibility
Unzicker, Alexander.
QC6 .U59 2013

Maverick genius: the pioneering odyssey of Freeman Dyson
Schewe, Phillip F.
QC16.D95 S34 2013

Einstein's Berlin: in the footsteps of a genius
Hoffmann, Dieter,
QC16.E5 H64413 2013

Einstein and the quantum: the quest of the valiant Swabian
Stone, A. Douglas,
QC16.E5 S76 2013

My brief history
Hawking, Stephen,
QC16.H33 A3 2013

The noisy oscillator: random mass, frequency, damping
Gitterman, M.,
QC174.8 .G54 2013

Electronic structure of materials
Prasad, Rajendra.
QC176.8.E4 P74 2014

Quantum processes in semiconductors
Ridley, B. K.,
QC611 .R53 2013

Unravelling the mystery of the atomic nucleus: a sixty year journey, 1896-1956
Fernandez, Bernard.
QC773 .F4713 2013

Beyond the god particle
Lederman, Leon M.
QC793.5.B62 L425 2013

A case for climate engineering
Keith, David W.
QC903 .K45 2013

Basics of analytical chemistry and chemical equilibria
Tissue, Brian M.,
QD75.22 .T57 2013

Is it safe?: BPA and the struggle to define the safety of chemicals
Vogel, Sarah A.
QD341.P5 V64 2013

Letters to a young scientist
Wilson, Edward O.
QH31.W64 A4 2013

Yellowstone's wildlife in transition
QH104.5.Y44 Y45 2013

Yellowstone wildlife: ecology and natural history of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem
Johnsgard, Paul A.
QH105.W8 J64 2013

Mapping the origins debate: six models of the beginning of everything
Rau, Gerald,
QH325 .R38 2012

Cloning wild life: zoos, captivity, and the future of endangered animals
Friese, Carrie.
QH442.2 .F75 2013

Data analysis in vegetation ecology
Wildi, Otto.
QK911 .W523 2013

Experiencing animal minds: an anthology of animal-human encounters
QL785 .E975 2012

Odd couples: extraordinary differences between the sexes in the animal kingdom
Fairbairn, Daphne J.
QP81.5 .F35 2013

A history of women's menstruation from ancient Greece to the twenty-first century: psychological, social, medical, religious, and educational issues
Hufnagel, Glenda Lewin.
QP263 .H84 2012

S: Agriculture

How agriculture made Canada: farming in the nineteenth century
Russell, Peter A.
S451.5.A1 R86 2012

Zoo animal welfare
Maple, Terry,
SF408 .M37 2013

The global pigeon
Jerolmack, Colin.
SF469 .J47 2013

U: Military Science

Historical dictionary of atomic espionage
Trenear-Harvey, Glenmore S.,
UB270 .T74 2011

V: Naval Science

No books under this heading this month.

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