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New Music CDs September 2007 – December 2007


Here is the list of titles added to the Main Collection from September 2007 – December 2007. This list is sorted alphabetically by title. If you want to see the full catalog entry for any title, click on the link, and you will be shown the corresponding full catalog entry in InvestiGator, the Library's online catalog. To return to the New Music CDs List, click on your browser's back-up arrow.

100 years of Italian opera, 1800-1810 [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07137

100 years of Italian opera. 1810-1820 [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07136

[Symphonic brotherhood] [sound recording] : [the music of African-American composers].
CompactDisc CD-07125

A love supreme [sound recording] : the legacy of John Coltrane / Turtle Island Quartet.
CompactDisc CD-07063

A meeting by the river [sound recording] / Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt.
CompactDisc CD-07006

A.T.'s delight [sound recording] / Art Taylor.
CompactDisc CD-07094

Adventures in Afropea 1 [sound recording] / Zap Mama.
CompactDisc CD-07109

Andre L plays his piano works [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07171

Andromeda liberata [sound recording].
CompactDisc CDD-07020

Anthologia Demotikou Tragoudiou [sound recording] = Anthology of Greek folk songs: 1928-1940. Vol. 2.
CompactDisc CD-07002

Appassionato [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07100

Arctic refuge : a gathering of tribes [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07102

Arsilda regina di Ponto [sound recording] : RV 700 / Antonio Vivaldi.
CompactDisc CDD-07008

Arturo Sandoval & The Latin Jazz Orchestra [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07085

As if it were the seasons [sound recording] / Joseph Jarman.
CompactDisc CD-07014

Attica blues [sound recording] / Archie Shepp.
CompactDisc CD-07079

Bajazet [sound recording] / Antonio Vivaldi.
CompactDisc CDD-07012

Bedouins of the Middle East [sound recording] : field recordings by / Deben Bhattacharya.
CompactDisc CD-07052

Bel canto portrait [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07151

Bella Immagin [sound recording] = Beautiful image.
CompactDisc CD-07134

Bird and Diz [sound recording] / [Charlie Parker Dizzy Gillespie].
CompactDisc CD-07015

Boulevard de l'independance [sound recording] / Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra.
CompactDisc CD-07008

Boy child [sound recording] : 67-70 / Scott Walker.
CompactDisc CD-07065

Bravura diva [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07131

Callisto [sound recording] : opera-oratorio in three acts / words [by] Ovid music [by] Christopher Montgomery.
CompactDisc CD-07023

Catone in Utica [sound recording] / Antonio Vivaldi.
CompactDisc CDD-07013

Caught in the act [sound recording] / Pamyua.
CompactDisc CD-07020

Ce [sound recording] / Caetano Veloso.
CompactDisc CD-07044

Cendrillon [sound recording] : a chamber opera in three acts / by Pauline Viardot.
CompactDisc CD-07153

Chamber and gamelan works [sound recording] / Lou Harrison.
CompactDisc CD-07126

Chamber and theater works [sound recording] / Ron McFarland.
CompactDisc CD-07083

Chocolate to the bone [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07086

Choral music [sound recording] / Barber & Schumann.
CompactDisc CD-07112

Christmas cocktails 2 [sound recording] / produced and compiled by Brad Benedict.
CompactDisc CD-07013

Christmas cocktails [1] [sound recording] / produced and compiled by Brad Benedict.
CompactDisc CD-07001

Cloudburst and other choral works [sound recording] / Eric Whitacre.
CompactDisc CD-07040

Composition/improvisation nos. 1, 2, & 3 [sound recording] / Roscoe Mitchell.
CompactDisc CD-07004

Compulsion [sound recording] / [all compositions by] Andrew Hill.
CompactDisc CD-07074

Concerti da camera [sound recording] / Venturini.
CompactDisc CDD-07004

Concerti grossi, op. 1 [sound recording] / Locatelli.
CompactDisc CD-07026

De Stijl [sound recording] M is for man, music, Mozart / Louis Andriessen.
CompactDisc CD-07064

Different Directions
CompactDisc CD-07073

Dirty little secret [sound recording] / Andrew Russo.
CompactDisc CD-07007

Don Carlos [sound recording] / Giuseppe Verdi.
CompactDisc CD-07140

Donizetti divas [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07159

Drums along the Pacific [sound recording] / Lou Harrison.
CompactDisc CD-07092

Duets to die for [sound recording] / duets by Donizetti ... [et al.].
CompactDisc CD-07160

Early American choral music [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07127

Fair play [sound recording] / Glenn Horiuchi Unit (A).
CompactDisc CD-07016

Farnace [sound recording] / Antonio Vivaldi.
CompactDisc CDD-07014

Fred [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07115

From the diary of Virginia Woolf [sound recording] / Dominick Argento.
CompactDisc CD-07113

From the river to the ocean [sound recording] / Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake.
CompactDisc CD-07076

Gil luminoso [sound recording] / Gilberto Gil.
CompactDisc CD-07089

Golden Afrique [sound recording] / [series edited and compiled by Gunter Gretz, Christian Scholze, Jean Trouillet].
CompactDisc CD-07122

Got the Saint Louis blues [sound recording] : classical music in the jazz age.
CompactDisc CD-07003

Grand Larsen-y [sound recording] : vocal music of Libby Larsen.
CompactDisc CD-07028

Griselda [sound recording] / Vivaldi.
CompactDisc CDD-07005

Griselda [sound recording] / Alessandro Scarlatti.
CompactDisc CDD-07007

Hawaii [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07050

Hawaiian drum dance chants [sound recording] : sounds of power in time.
CompactDisc CD-07036

Hawaiian slack key guitar masters [sound recording] : instrumental collection.
CompactDisc CD-07049

Hawaiian slack key guitar masters collection. Volume 2 [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07031

Hawaiian steel guitar classics, 1927-1938 [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07033

Heartbeat [sound recording] : voices of First Nations women.
CompactDisc CD-07035

Heaven to earth [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07107

Hilltop view [sound recording] / Glenn Horiuchi Trio & Glenn Horiuchi Unit(a).
CompactDisc CD-07021

Hitsville USA. [Vol. I] [sound recording] : the Motown singles collection 1959-1971.
CompactDisc CD-07123

Hitsville USA. Vol. II [sound recording] : the Motown singles collection, 1972-1992.
CompactDisc CD-07124

Hula blues [sound recording] : vintage steel guitar instrumentals of the 30's and 40's.
CompactDisc CD-07057

Il primo dolce affanno-- [sound recording] = The first sweet pain-- : songs and ensembles / by Liszt ... [et al.].
CompactDisc CD-07155

Il sibilo [sound recording] = The whisper / Donizetti ... [et al.].
CompactDisc CD-07152

Inuit ilirusingit [sound recording] / qanuittutuinnait pinguatut = Tradition / various.
CompactDisc CD-07111

Jacqui Naylor [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07070

Jane Eaglen sings Medea in Corinto [sound recording] / Giovanni Simone Mayr.
CompactDisc CD-07156

Jimmy and Wes [sound recording] : the dynamic duo / Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery.
CompactDisc CD-07037

Jubilation [sound recording] : a musical journey through Brazil, Spain and the Americas.
CompactDisc CD-07096

Juditha triumphans [sound recording] / Antonio Vivaldi.
CompactDisc CDD-07015

Katatjatut [sound recording] / Alasi Tullauraq ammalu Lusi Amarualik = Katutjatut / Alacie Tullaugaq, Lucy Amarualik = Throat singing.
CompactDisc CD-07105

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band [sound recording] : the complete set.
CompactDisc CD-06513

L'assedio di Calais [sound recording] / Donizetti.
CompactDisc CD-07135

L'Esule di Granata [sound recording] : highlights / Giacomo Meyerbeer.
CompactDisc CD-07143

L'Olimpiade [sound recording] / Vivaldi libretto di Pietro Metastasio nuova trascrizione e revisione di Rinaldo Alessandrini.
CompactDisc CDD-07006

La forza del destino [sound recording] / Giuseppe Verdi.
CompactDisc CD-07138

La partenza [sound recording] : songs and ensembles / by Michael Balfe, Count Antonio Belgiojoso, Sir Michael Costa ... [et al.].
CompactDisc CD-07120

La potenza d'amore [sound recording] = The power of love : cantatas and songs.
CompactDisc CD-07128

La prigione di Edimburgo [sound recording] : highlights / Federico Ricci.
CompactDisc CD-07141

La rimembranza [Tontrager].
CompactDisc CD-07154

La senna festeggiante [sound recording] Gloria e Imeneo / Vivaldi.
CompactDisc CDD-07018

La traviata a Paris [sound recording] : the soundtrack / Verdi.
CompactDisc CDD-07001

La traviata a Paris [sound recording] : greatest moments / Verdi conceived and produced by Andrea Andermann.
CompactDisc CDD-07002

La verita in cimento [sound recording] / Vivaldi [libretto di Giovanni Palazzi].
CompactDisc CDD-07019

Les soirees italiennes [sound recording] / Saverio Mercadante.
CompactDisc CD-07145

Les vepres siciliennes [sound recording] / Giuseppe Verdi.
CompactDisc CD-07139

Lieder [sound recording] / Johannes Brahms.
CompactDisc CD-07098

Like a woman scorned-- [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07168

Listen to the lambs [sound recording] : the music / of R. Nathaniel Dett.
CompactDisc CD-07051

Listen, lord [sound recording] : a cantata, two suites, and eight spirituals in choral settings / by Alice Parker.
CompactDisc CD-07034

Live at Minas [sound recording] / Antonio Carlos Jobim.
CompactDisc CD-07072

Live at Yoshi's nightspot [sound recording] / John Handy Quintet.
CompactDisc CD-07082

Macbeth [sound recording] / Giuseppe Verdi.
CompactDisc CD-07129

Machetazo! [sound recording] / John Santos and the Machete Ensemble.
CompactDisc CD-07062

March of Time [soundrecording].
CompactDisc CD-07172

Mater [sound recording] / Vladimir Godar.
CompactDisc CD-07117

Mercadante rediscovered [sound recording] : on the pathway from Rossini to Verdi.
CompactDisc CD-07165

Mercy [sound recording] / Glenn Horiuchi Trio and Quartet, with Joseph Jarman.
CompactDisc CD-07019

Meyerbeer in Italy [sound recording] : extracts from his six Italian operas.
CompactDisc CD-07163

Millennium [sound recording] : choral music of today.
CompactDisc CD-07029

Missa O pulchritudo [sound recording] / Menotti. Messe solennelle / Vierne.
CompactDisc CD-07025

Mississippi masters [sound recording] : early American blues classics, 1927-35.
CompactDisc CD-07116

Mozart [sound recording] : the supreme decorator.
CompactDisc CD-07132

Music of the Middle East [sound recording] : Iran, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Armenia, Lebanon, Azerbaijan.
CompactDisc CD-07041

Music written for Monterey 1965 [sound recording] : not heard-- played in its entirety, at UCLA / Charles Mingus.
CompactDisc CD-07084

My name is Buddy [sound recording] / another record by Ry Cooder.
CompactDisc CD-07088

Native American [sound recording] / compiled by Phil Stanton.
CompactDisc CD-07054

Negro spirituals [sound recording] / Moses Hogan Chorale.
CompactDisc CD-07027

New York Samba Jazz Quintet [sound recording] / Hendrik Meurkens.
CompactDisc CD-07099

Nocturnes [sound recording] / Morten Lauridsen.
CompactDisc CD-07097

Notturno [sound recording] : music for the night.
CompactDisc CD-07146

Once in a blue moon [sound recording] / Penelope Houston.
CompactDisc CD-07024

One foot in Eden still, I stand [sound recording] / Nicholas Maw.
CompactDisc CD-07012

Ora divina [sound recording] = The sublime hour.
CompactDisc CD-07144

Orlando finto pazzo [sound recording] / Vivaldi [libretto di Grazio Braccioli].
CompactDisc CDD-07010

Orlando furioso [sound recording] / Vivaldi [libretto di Grazio Braccioli ricostruzione di Frederic Delamea e Jean-Christophe Spinosi].
CompactDisc CDD-07011

Ottone in villa [sound recording] / Antonio Vivaldi.
CompactDisc CDD-07016

Oxnard beet [sound recording] / Glenn Horiuchi.
CompactDisc CD-07017

Pachinko dream track 10 [sound recording] / Joseph Jarman Glenn Horiuchi Francis Wong.
CompactDisc CD-07018

Pacini rediscovered [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07164

Palestrina for eight voices [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07022

Paventa insano [sound recording] : arias and ensembles / [by] Pacini and Mercadante.
CompactDisc CD-07133

Peregrinations [sound recording] / Wayne Peterson.
CompactDisc CD-07093

Piano concertos nos. 1 & 4 [sound recording] / Beethoven.
CompactDisc CD-07039

Piano trio [sound recording] Voices Impressions / Jennifer Higdon.
CompactDisc CD-07048

Piano works [sound recording] / Bartok.
CompactDisc CD-07110

Piano works by Nixon, Schubert, Ravel, Busoni, Bartok [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07080

Prayers of Kierkegaard [sound recording] : op. 30 / Barber. Cantata profana / Bartok. Dona nobis pacem / Vaughn Williams.
CompactDisc CD-07114

Princesses nubiennes [sound recording] / Les Nubians.
CompactDisc CD-07108

Randall Thompson, Libby Larsen [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07056

Romantic heroes [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07130

Rosmonda d'Inghilterra [sound recording] / Donizetti.
CompactDisc CD-07157

Rossini gala [sound recording] / Nelly Miricioiu.
CompactDisc CD-07147

Rough guide to world music: Africa & Middle East [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07045

Sacred spirit [sound recording] : chants and dances of the native Americans.
CompactDisc CD-07032

Scenes & overtures [sound recording] / Donizetti.
CompactDisc CD-07149

Serious Rossini [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07158

Sogno talor-- [sound recording] : special collection celebrating 25 years recording the world's rarest operas.
CompactDisc CD-07142

Sonata in C for cello & piano, op. 119 (1949) [sound recording]. / Sergei Prokofiev. Duo for cello & piano (1964/65) / David Ward-Steinman.
CompactDisc CD-07119

Song for my sister [sound recording] / Roscoe Mitchell & The Note Factory.
CompactDisc CD-07078

Spiritual songs, traditional chants & flute music of the American Indian [sound recording] : 40 classic performances.
CompactDisc CD-07060

Stabat Mater [sound recording] Nisi Dominus / Vivaldi.
CompactDisc CDD-07021

Symphonies 2 & 4 [sound recording] : the Mahler arrangements / Schumann.
CompactDisc CD-07068

Symphonies nos. 3 and 5 [sound recording] Judith / William Schuman.
CompactDisc CD-07042

Symphony no. 2 in G minor [sound recording] : (Song of a new race) / William Grant Still. Negro folk symphony / William Levi Dawson. Harlem / Duke Ellington orch. Luther Henderson.
CompactDisc CD-07038

Tango [sound recording] : zero hour / Astor Piazzolla.
CompactDisc CD-07081

Ten exercises [sound recording] / Christian Wolff.
CompactDisc CD-07104

The art of the Middle Eastern oud [sound recording] : new perspectives on traditional maqams / Charbel Rouhana.
CompactDisc CD-07047

The bay window [sound recording] / Kartet.
CompactDisc CD-07009

The cat walk [sound recording] / Donald Byrd.
CompactDisc CD-07069

The creation [sound recording] Missa in tempore belli / Haydn.
CompactDisc CD-07095

The cruel madness of love [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07170

The essential Lutoslawski [sound recording] / Witold Lutoslawski.
CompactDisc CD-07059

The Inuit artist world show case [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07106

The music of Chen Yi [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07005

The Opera Rara collection [sound recording] : twenty fascinating and unique selections from the Opera Rara catalogue.
CompactDisc CD-07167

The Opera Rara collection. Volume 2 [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07121

The sad machinery of spring [sound recording] / Tin Hat.
CompactDisc CD-07067

The viola in my life [sound recording] / Morton Feldman.
CompactDisc CD-07071

The young Donizetti [sound recording].
CompactDisc CD-07166

The young Ives [sound recording] : early choral music of Charles Ives.
CompactDisc CD-07075

Theater music [sound recording] : from the Philip Glass recording archive.
CompactDisc CD-07118

Three tenors [sound recording] / Rossini.
CompactDisc CD-07148

Tito Manlio [sound recording] / Vivaldi.
CompactDisc CDD-07009

Tropicalia 2 [sound recording] / Caetano e Gil.
CompactDisc CD-07091

Tyrants and lovers [sound recording] / scenes by Donizetti ... [et al.].
CompactDisc CD-07161

United we swing
CompactDisc CD-07010

Uri Caine Ensemble plays Mozart [sound recording] / [all compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart adapted by Uri Caine].
CompactDisc CD-07046

Verses [sound recording] = Apallut / Pamyua.
CompactDisc CD-07103

Vieux Farka Toure [sound recording] / Vieux Farka Toure.
CompactDisc CD-07077

Villains by necessity-- fools by heavenly compulsion [sound recording] : King Lear, Act 1 scene 2 : an Opera Rara highlights CD exclusive to readers of Opera.
CompactDisc CD-07169

Vintage Hawaiian music [sound recording] : steel guitar masters, 1928-1934.
CompactDisc CD-07043

Vintage Hawaiian music [sound recording] / the great singers, 1928-1934.
CompactDisc CD-07030

Violin concerto [in A minor, op. 48] Triple concerto [op. 56] [sound recording] / Alfredo Casella.
CompactDisc CDD-07003

Violin concertos no. 1 & 2 [sound recording] / Shostakovich.
CompactDisc CD-07011

Vocal teamwork [sound recording] : [rare operatic ensembles].
CompactDisc CD-07162

Voices 1900/2000 [sound recording] : a choral journey through the twentieth century.
CompactDisc CD-07053

Volta [sound recording] / Bjork.
CompactDisc CD-06514

We'll never turn back [sound recording] / Mavis Staples.
CompactDisc CD-07055

West meets East [sound recording] : the historic Shankar/Menuhin sessions.
CompactDisc CD-07058

When angels speak of love [sound recording] / Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra.
CompactDisc CD-07066

Wladyslaw Szpilman [sound recording] : the original recordings of The pianist.
CompactDisc CD-07101

Women of note [sound recording] / Beach ... [et al.].
CompactDisc CD-07087

Works, 1939-2000 [sound recording] / Lou Harrison.
CompactDisc CD-07090

Zaira [sound recording] / Mercadante.
CompactDisc CD-07150

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