U.S. Exports of Merchandise and U.S. Imports of Merchandise
Alternative Name(s):
U S Exports of Merchandise and U S Imports of Merchandise U. S. Exports of Merchandise and U. S. Imports of Merchandise US Exports of Merchandise and US Imports of Merchandise
1990 to present; updated monthly; current disc has latest month & year-to-date; archival data available on request.
Value, quantity, weight and shipping method of merchandise exported and imported; commodity-by-country data (U.S. totals & by customs districts).
Available at Government Publications, call (415) 338-7328. Ask for C3.278/2 for Imports or C3.278/3 for Exports. Commodity classification numbers SITC Codes can be used to search. More data are available in the USA Trade database.
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