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On Strike! Shut it Down! (Exhibit 1999)


Whole land masses
wretching to rid their sanitary countries
of the Revolutionary Mind
Adamant against the Truth spliced
before their scurrying eyes
Grasping shredded social standards
tattered patches of Reason
schedules, dockets degrees, and condolences
Goose-stepping to the drum and drone of
mutilated mankind.

Mind masticating mouthpieces of hate
puppeted parleying:
nasal notations, anal analyses redundant reiterations of objectivity.

Objectivity! I will go Mad
before I tame this tongue
to monkey mime.

Looming on their darkness
screeching mouth spitting
thorn torn and bleeding
hollering my sacraments
to their trained ears--barking
at the foreign feel of Truth.

A straight-jacketed caterpillar--
my nation moaned for metamorphoses
Cocooned crying to that democratic mirage
long ago led us
then spit a greasy moat at our feet
that sprouted billion throated vines
of thorn and thistle
and swallowed the drawbridge--
the toll being twice as high

Revelations of Revolution:
that started mad joy of day
tossing its meadow mane
leaping green and golden spilling
from the sun
When from concentration camps of chrysalis characterizations
the Wings of Freedom rising
naked to the noon.

Pam Edwards

( Ms. Edwards was a student at San Francisco State in 1969. Her poem was printed in the campus literary newspaper Open Process issue January 8 & 9, 1969. Vol. 4, no.8 )

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