Look for the Union Label: A Celebration of Union Logos and Emblems

Examples of Union Labels: R - Z
A selection of classic and contemporary union labels

Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen

Railroad Signalmen

Retail, Wholesale, Department Store Union

Retail & Department Store

Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers

Roofers & Waterproofers

United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers

Rubber, Cork, Linoleum & Plastic

Screen Actors Guild

Screen Actors Guild

United Shoe Workers of America

Shoe Workers

Service Employees International Union

Service Employees

Sheet Metal Workers International Association

Sheet Metal Workers

Stove, Furnace and Allied Appliance Workers

Stove & Furnace

Allied Stove Crafts

Allied Stove Crafts

Seafarers International Union

Seafarers International

Slate, Quarrymen, Splitters and Cutters

Slate & Quarrymen

Transportation Communications Union

Transportation Communications

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Brotherhood of Teamsters

Tobacco Workers International Union

Tobacco Workers

Transport Workers Association of America

Transport Workers

International Association of Theatrical and Stage Employees

Theatrical & Stage Employees

Typographical Union

Typographical Union

United Auto Workers

United Auto Workers

United Farm Workers

United Farm Workers

United Mine Workers of America

United Mine Workers

AFL-CIO Union Label Service Trades Department

Union Label Department

United Textile Workers

United Textile Workers

Utility Workers Union of America

Utility Workers

Amalgamated Wood Workers of America

Wood Workers

Uphosterers and Trimmers International Union

Uphosterers & Trimmers


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