Look for the Union Label: A Celebration of Union Logos and Emblems

Other Forms of the Label: Artifacts
Items imprinted with union labels

Union Voting Box - Palo Alto Typographical Union

Union Voting Box

NITE HERE! Local 2 - promotional hat


United Farm Workers Mouse Pad

UFW Mouse Pad

United Food and Commercial Workers Pocket Protector

UFCW Pocket Protector

Honest Labor Tobacco Tin

Honest Labor Tobacco Tin

San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council T-Shirt

Building & Construction T-Shirt

California Labor Federation Delegate Badge

CLF Delegate Badge

Typographical Union - Seal Impress

Typographical Union - Seal Impress

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Bumper Sticker

AFSCME Bumper Sticker

Hospital Workers Key Chain

Hospital Worker's Key Chain

Allied Printing Trades Council of Northern California - Ashtray

Allied Printing Trades Ashtray

Furniture and Bedding Workers Union - Hat

Furniture&Bedding Workers Hat

Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen Paperweight

Meat Cutters&Butchers Paperweight

California Faculty Association Promotional Pennant

CFA Pennant

Bill Posters and Office Employees Rubber Stamps

Bill Posters Rubber Stamp

National Treasury Employees Union Paperweight

Treasury Employees Paperweight

Ironworkers Commemorative Hat

Ironworkers Commemorative Hat

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Keychain

Electrical Workers Keychain

Industrial Workers of the World Bike Reflector

IWW Bike Reflector

International Ladies Garment Workers Union Scarf


Painters and Allied Trades Business Card Holder

Painters&Allied Trades Card Holder

Industrial Workers of the World Yo-Yo


Service Employees International Union Mug

Service Employees Mug

Retail Clerks International Association Shirt

Retail Clerks Shirt

Service Employees International Union Luggage Tag

Service Employees Luggage Tag

Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, Engineers and Scientists of California Bumper Sticker

Engineers & Scientists Bumper Sticker

Service Employees International Union Paper Hat

Service Employees Paper Hat

Communication Workers of America Nail File Set

Communication Workers Nail File Set

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Money Clip

Electrical Workers Money Clip

Assorted Buttons

Assorted Buttons

Assorted Buttons

Assorted Buttons

Assorted Buttons

Assorted Buttons

Assorted Buttons

Assorted Buttons


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