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Artists Books - Form

Lois Morrison

"The book from an object."

Lois Morrison was born in Ziare, now lives in the New Jersey, wrote, illustrated, hand cut and published this interpretation of Adam's Fall. In the form of a Jacob's ladder book, Morrison has cut out couples who literally fall as a result of Adam's guilt, and then are redeemed through Eve's perspective.

Lois Morrison.
  In Adam's Fall.
    Berkeley, CA.: Flying Fish Press, 1989.

Julie Chen

"A three-dimensional structure."

Julie Chen teaches book arts at Mills College and runs Flying Fish Press in Berkeley, California. She is known for her innovative three-dimensional book structures. This book is printed on a series of eight concentric paper discs attached by paper hinges in an accordion fold format, When the construction is fully extended, the book text is designed to read through a center hole.

Julie Chen.
  Life Time.
    Berkeley, CA.: Flying fish Press, 1996.

Mary Laird

"Binding paper together."

Mary Laird founded Quelquefois Press in 1969. She has taught the book arts in the Art Department at San Francisco State University, and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Denise Levitov's poetry centers on spiritual themes. The binding, hand-sewn with walnut-vellum-like straps, is reminiscent of the texture of a seventeenth-century monk's robe.

Denise Levetov and Mary Laird.
Nine poems.
Berkeley, CA.: Quelquefois Press, 1996.

Susan Johanknecht

"Exploring structure."

Susan Johanknecht is an American-born book artist who established the Genf Press in London in 1977. Elizabeth Steiner, one of the authors of Woven and Interlocking Book Structures (2002), lives and works in New Zealand. Susan Johanknecht produced the relief prints and Elizabeth Steiner engineered the book structure for (Compound Frame) Seven Poems by Emily Dickinson. Encased, bound and stitched in textured polypopylene and polyethylene plastics, the book itself is integrated with different kinds of paper utilized for the foldout leaves and binding.

Emily Dickinson.
(Compound Frame) Seven Poems.
Co-published by Janus Press Vermont and Gefn Press London, 1998
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