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Library Administrative Manual

5.8 Hiring Of Tenure Track Library Faculty

I. General

  1. This procedure is written to be in conformity with institutional policies and procedures for faculty as found in the Faculty Manual as well as Trustee Policies and Procedures appearing in the Librarian Personnel Plan (FSA 78-64 and supplements).
  2. In all faculty personnel matters the President (or his designee) is the legal authority. All actions up to this level are recommendatory. For this University the Vice President for Academic Affairs is the President's designee for academic personnel matters. After performing required reviews of proposed personnel transactions at this level., the school deans and University Librarian are authorized to make commitments in behalf of the University.

II. Appointment At The Rank Of Senior Assistant, And Associate Librarian

  1. The Search Committee shall consist of the Library HRT Committee. The Assistant University Librarian for Administrative Services shall serve as an advisor to the Committee and monitor Affirmative Action goals and processes.
  2. The University Librarian prepares a charge and forwards to the chair of the Search Committee.
  3. The Search Committee creates the position description and advertisement.
  4. After receipt of applications, the Search Committee reviews applications, interviews and recommends, and forwards a slate of a minimum of three qualified candidates along with appropriate vita and other evidence to the University Librarian.
  5. The University Librarian makes final recommendations from the slate of candidates and forwards it along with candidate's dossier to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. If none of the candidates on the slate are acceptable to the University Librarian, the slate is returned to the Search Committee to continue the search or the University Librarian discharges the Committee and institutes a new search.
  6. Review of proposed class and salary is performed on behalf of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, to insure equity.
  7. If approved for appointment, an offer letter is prepared by the Office of the Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs for signature by the University Librarian. This letter carries the various terms of appointment as recommended and approved, conditions to be met for tenure if specifically stipulated, etc.
  8. The following documents are required for an initial appointment offer:
    1. The applicant's vita
    2. HRT Committee report
    3. Recruitment Process Report Form #89-003.
    4. Faculty Appointment Transaction Form #110
    5. University Librarian's written approval and stipulation of special appointment conditions for other factors that are to be detailed in the appointment offer.
  9. The Offer Letter procedures are as follows:
    1. The University Librarian's letter is prepared in duplicate for the candidate. Unless a special date or longer period is requested by the University Librarian, the candidate is usually allowed 15 days for reply to the offer of employment. In the absence of any reply, the Office of Academic Planning should be advised to determine whether a formal withdrawal of the offer is required before a formal offer may be made to the next candidate.
    2. If the candidate accepts the offer, the Library Office must secure the following documents, all properly signed, and send them to the Office of Academic Planning, to establish the essential payroll status:
      1. The Oath of Allegiance
      2. W-2 Withholding Tax Form (EAR)
      3. Designee Form (for retirement and beneficiary purposes)
      4. Personnel Form 002-A
  10. Form I-9 is completed and maintained in the Library Office according to IRCA Act of 1986.

III. Appointment At The Rank Of Librarian

  1. The Search Committee shall consists of the Assistant University Librarian for Administrative Services, the two Division Librarians and a full-time, tenured member elected by the Library faculty.

B-F. The same procedures are followed as in items II, B-H above.

Approved: 4/78
Revised: 6/21/93

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