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Library Administrative Manual

5.5 Performance Evaluations Of Tenured Librarians


This policy has been developed to fulfill the requirements of the Trustees' Policy FSA 80-44, which required peer evaluation of tenured faculty at intervals not to exceed five years, and complements other processes for evaluation and performance review.

I. Purpose

Library faculty are responsible for continued professional growth and development in order to meet the goals of high standards of performance and library service to the academic community. The five-year review process will provide each librarian with the opportunity to identify and review his or her objectives toward that goal. Each faculty member is encouraged to develop and undertake creative and innovative projects and programs which best serve the individual and the institution. The evaluation process should be viewed as a means for increasing performance and contributions to the Library and academic community, and for increasing communications between faculty and administration.

II. Determination Of Review Dates

  1. Upon receipt of tenure and/or promotion, a fifth year evaluation date will be established for each librarian.
  2. This date will be readjusted each time a librarian undergoes a promotional review.
  3. The library administration shall be responsible for notifying faculty members of their evaluation dates in accordance with this policy.
  4. A librarian has the right to request a review prior to the established date at any time.

III. Review Procedures

  1. Review Process
    1. It is suggested that the librarian complete an annual faculty record update in an effort to maintain current information on his or her progress.
    2. At the end of five years, the librarian may choose the method by which she/he wishes to be reviewed. Peer review is required and may be fulfilled by a either 'a' or 'b' below:
      1. Review by a special Peer Review Committee:

        A pool of six (6) tenured librarians will be formed each year by drawing lots from the names of all tenured librarians not undergoing the fifth year review process. The names will be drawn by the Nominating Committee during the spring elections. From the pool, the librarian to be reviewed shall select a committee of three.

      2. Review by a preestablished personnel committee;
        Review by the Library Retention and Tenure Committee; or
        Review by the Library Promotions Committee.
    3. The librarian to be reviewed will submit his or her self-evaluation and any document which he or she wishes the committee to consider. His or her supervisor will write a separate review to be submitted to the committee prior to the committee's interview with the librarian.
    4. The committee shall review the librarian according to the criteria enumerated below.
    5. The committee's conclusions must be substantiated by systematically gathered data. For those librarians teaching classes in the University curriculum, student evaluations of their teaching effectiveness will be included.
    6. Upon completion of the review process, the committee shall prepare a brief summary not to exceed one page. The summary will be placed in the librarian's personnel file and copies will be distributed to the librarian reviewed, his or her supervisor, and the appropriate Assistant University Librarian.
    7. The supervisor, the librarian, and the committee chair shall discuss the summary and how the Library and the individual together can promote future achievement and/or improvement in specific areas. The librarian may attach any additional material or information to the summary at this time.
    8. At the end of each personnel cycle, all personnel documents, e.g., Retention and Tenure, Promotions or Evaluations of Tenured Faculty, received by the 'immediate supervisor' shall be forwarded to the Library Office for inclusion in the Library faculty member's file. It is understood that all such information is available to the faculty member on demand.
  2. Criteria
    1. Effectiveness in Library assignment is defined according to the criteria specified in the Library Promotions Policy.
    2. Currency in the field is defined as:
      1. An understanding and knowledge of major issues and current trends in the field of academic librarianship; or,
      2. An understanding and knowledge of major issues and current trends in a particular aspect of librarianship; and
      3. Knowledge in subject areas, if appropriate, which support some aspect of the Library's contribution to the academic community.
    3. Currency in the field may be demonstrated in any of the following ways:
      1. Continuing education and/or creative projects which support some aspect of the Library's contribution to the academic community.
      2. Projects or works completed on the job.

IV. Utilization Of The Evaluations

  1. The faculty member and the supervisor shall use the results of each review as a measurement of the librarian's progress toward the goal of effectiveness in Library assignment and currency in the field. The supervisor and the librarian shall discuss the summary and how the Library and the individual together can promote future achievements and/or improvement in specific areas.
  2. The University Librarian will review all summaries in order to evaluate the Library's role in the professional growth and development of its personnel.
  3. It is not intended that either the candidate's self-evaluation or the reviewing committee's summary be used as documentation in any personnel action.

Approved by: Library Faculty Date: October 26, 1988

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