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Library Administrative Manual

5.26 Annual Librarian Assessment & Planning Process

The purpose of this annual process shall be to provide all tenured and tenure-track faculty with a regular opportunity to discuss their professional assignments and activities and to request support for their professional development needs. This procedure also recognizes the responsibility of the library and university to provide faculty with appropriate support for professional development.

  1. During the Spring Semester all faculty will schedule meetings with their Department Chair to discuss their plans, assignments and support needs for the coming academic year. The meeting shall also provide the opportunity for faculty members and the chairs to review the accomplishments for the current year as projected in the year end planning exercise as provided on the Individual Work Assignment Checklist. The Individual Work Assignment Check List will be used to summarize this meeting and agreed upon plans for the coming year. Copies shall be kept by the Department Chair and the individual librarian for review in the subsequent year and then discarded.
  2. Every five years, during the Review of Tenured Faculty review process or during Promotion and Tenure reviews where a faculty member is under review, library faculty shall meet with the University Librarian for the purpose of reviewing the librarian's assignment, plans and support needs.
  3. By October 1st of each academic year, each librarian shall submit a Curriculum Vitae covering the last five years of professional activities to the University Librarian's Office for placement in his/her personnel file.
  4. Other than the Curriculum Vitae nothing concerning the content of these annual meetings with the Chair and/or the University Librarian shall be recorded in any personnel file. However, documents relating to the Review of Tenured Faculty shall be prepared in accordance with SFSU Academic Senate Policy and the CFA-CSU Memorandum of Understanding Collective Bargaining Agreement and shall be included in the official personnel file as prescribed.
  5. In case of apparent discrepancy with this document, it should be understood that the Collective Bargaining Agreement and Academic Senate policy are controlling. In the event of changes in the Collective Bargaining Agreement or Academic Senate Policy, this document shall be revised accordingly.

Note: Specific performance problems will be handled in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement and are not to be included as part of this annual exercise.

Approved by Library Faculty: 10/15/98
Approved by LMT: 11/10/98

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