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Library Administrative Manual

5.2 Attendance Reporting

I. Policy

It is the policy of the J. Paul Leonard Library to adhere to the Collective Bargaining requirements for compensation of employees. The monthly compensation paid to each employee will be based on the attendance records reported to the payroll office. Attendance requirements are outlined below in Part II. Attendance requirements for each employee classification are outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement of the bargaining unit to which an employee's classification is assigned.

II. Procedures

The SFSU On-line Leave Accounting system allows employees to access and print information about their leave accrual and usage for vacation, sick leave, comp time, personal holiday and catastrophic leave donations as well as reporting leave discrepancies to Payroll using their social security number and personal access code (PAC). It is the responsibility of the employee to monitor their own leave balances. Over use of vacation, sick leave, comp. time, etc. will result in an accounts receivable (dock).

To obtain a Personal access code (PAC) call x87152.

The on-line leave accounting may be accessed directly, by employees, through the Human Resources Web site,

  1. Departmental Absence Request/Advisement (Optional)

    The Departmental Absence Request/Advisement provides a standard communication format for reconciling all employee absences against the Absence and Additional Time Worked Report (form 634) and permits requested absences to be reviewed in relation to operational needs. The form may be used for:

    1. Arranging for leave to be taken at a future date.
    2. Reporting a call-in absence (for sick leave, emergency, etc.) for which prior advisement has not been provided.
    3. Advising the department/unit supervisor, as a matter of record, of a short-term informal absence.
  2. Form 634, Absence and Additional Time Worked Report

    Form 634 (sample attached) is the official University absence reporting form and is submitted to the University Payroll Office. It will be used by the department/unit supervisor or the department/unit attendance clerk, as designated, to report "NO TIME TAKEN" or all absences due to sick leave, vacation, compensatory time, personal holiday, holiday credit, jury duty etc. each pay period for all employees.

    The on-line Departmental Leave View report allows the Library Personnel Coordinator to access current information on all employees when reviewing monthly attendance forms (634's). Over use of vacation or sick leave will result in an accounts receivable (dock)


    1. During the given pay period, a 634 form is completed for each employee either by the employee or department/unit attendance clerk. The following sections must be completed: pay period/year, time base, proper name (first/last), social security number and position number. The specific absence symbol (S, SF, SD, V, PH, TH, TO or J) and the number of hours absent will be added. If the employee does not use accrued time, a 634 must be prepared noting "NO TIME TAKEN". Educational Leave will be noted in the remarks section. The Form 634 is retained pending additional reports of vacation, sick leave or jury duty by an employee.
    2. Two working days proceeding the Library's scheduled Attendance Reporting Day, the 634 form is reconciled, signed by the employee and supervisor and forward to the Library Office by 12:00 noon. Note: Employees need to verify that they are not over using time.
    3. Additional 634's will be forwarded to the Library Office, no later than 10:00 a.m. on pay day for any additional absences for the remaining days of the pay period. Late submissions and/or corrections of time used will result in incorrect information in the on-line leave accounting system.
    4. The Shift Differential Attendance Report must be submitted to the Library Office no later than 10:00 a.m. on pay day .
    5. Authorization for Extra Hours (form 500) must be completed for Overtime or Additional Day Off (ADO - used when a holiday falls on an employee's normal day off) and submitted to the Library Office no later than 8:00 a.m. on pay day.

Revised: 7/14/99
Approved by LMT: 8/23/99

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