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Library Administrative Manual

5.19 Student Employment

I. Hiring

Prior to and early in the Fall and Spring semesters, the library completes most of its hiring of student employees. Applications are available in the Library Office and submitted there by both Student Assistant and Work Study applicants. A general job announcement is posted by the Student Assistant Coordinator on the 1st of August and 1st December through the Campus Student Employment Center, as well as on the Library Web site. These postings remain online throughout the peak hiring periods. More specialized position vacancies are posted based on requests from supervisors to the Student Assistant Coordinator. All positions must be posted in the Center for five (5) working days before a student can be hired in the position.

Applications are logged by the Student Assistant Coordinator and then placed in the appropriate (Student Assistant/Work Study) employment binder where they are available for student supervisors to review when they have job openings. Applications must be renewed each semester to remain in the applicant pool.

When a student is selected for employment, he/she must provide the supervisor with an approved Work Study Clearance form or Employment Eligibility Verification (EEV) form. The student may obtain the EEV form from the Office of Student Financial Aid, Student Service Center (HSS 127) . The supervisor must complete a Verification of Employment card and a Student Employment Ethnicity Report for each student hired. The supervisor/student calls the Personnel Coordinator (X83641) to set a date/time for orientation. The student must bring their approved clearance form (EEV or Work Study clearance form), Verification of Employment form, the Ethnicity Report and original employment application to their orientation. As part of the orientation, the student employee will complete a Payroll Action Request (SPAR) and receive a copy of the Student Employee Handbook which will be reviewed with the Personnel Coordinator (or designee.)

Supervisors will notify the Student Assistant Coordinator of the separation of all student employees.

II. Performance Review

The criteria for continued student employment and salary step increases are detailed in the attached Performance Standards for Library Student Employees. Student employees are "at will" employees, meaning that the student is hired and can be released at the will of the employer. Student employees should receive reasonable treatment from their employer and fellow employees. Supervisors are expected to ensure that student employees understand their job duties and appropriate procedures and perform their responsibilities at the level outlined in these standards, addressing problems as they occur. Student employees should be provided with clear job expectations, specific suggestions to improve performance and time to improve prior to dismissal. Student employees who do not improve or maintain their performance to meet performance standards should not be recommended for salary increases or reappointment for the following semester. In a more serious situation of continued poor performance student employees may be released from their appointments.

The method for evaluation of student employee performance is at the discretion of the individual supervisor, however, the basic standards of performance, along with a sample evaluation form, are attached which a supervisor may choose to share with student employees and/or use in the performance review.

Performance review may occur as:

  • a once a semester meeting
  • a formal written process,
  • periodic oral interviews,
  • on a daily basis through the monitoring and development of performance skills and knowledge

however, performance levels should be maintained and meet the performance standards for Library student employees. Any evaluations for student employees are kept within the individual Units and are not forwarded to the Library Administration Office.

III. Pay Rates

The Library supports the full range of student employee classification levels and salary steps as outlined by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Annual increases of one step within a classification level are recommended for those student employees who meet or exceed the basic standards of performance through approval by their supervisor. A continuous year of employment means the employee has worked throughout two instructional periods (spring and fall) since their initial date of employment. Work Study students who receive a step increase need to obtain a new Work Study Clearance form from the Office of Student Financial Aid Student Service Center (HSS 127). An initial one-step increase after one semester of employment can be approved by the immediate supervisor if a high level of performance has been demonstrated. Supervisors will be notified by the Student Assistant Coordinator of a student employee's eligibility for a step increase. Eligibility is based on their anniversary date of employment. The supervisor should return the eligibility list to the Personnel Coordinator indicating approval or denial. Recommendations are forwarded to the Library Administration and the supervisor adjusts the salary level, as appropriate, on the voucher for the pay period following the student's anniversary date.

IV. Classification

Classification level reflects typical duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Index of Library Student Employee Job Characteristics which is included in the Student Supervisor's Guidelines manual. A general or specific position description should be on file with the Library office for each set of duties and responsibilities that are performed by student employees.

A classification change reflects a distinct change in duties and/or level of responsibility. Classification changes are approved by the supervisor. The Personnel Coordinator reviews all classification changes and new position descriptions to ensure consistency in the level of skills required and, assigned responsibilities. For a new position description and for classification changes supervisors should complete the Student Employee Position Description/Classification Change form.

Work Study students who receive a classification change need to obtain a new Work Study Clearance form from the Office of Student Financial Aid Student Service Center (HSS 127).

The Student Assistant Coordinator must be notified of any classification changes.

V. Payroll

The student and supervisor must keep an accurate account of the student's work hours for each month and report these on the Student Assistant Voucher. The voucher must be signed by the student and the supervisor and submitted with a cover sheet for the Unit to the Library Office approximately four working days before the end of the pay period.

It is the responsibility of the student and supervisor to monitor Work Study earnings on a ongoing basis to prevent the student from over earning his or her award.

The Library Office will prepare the student payroll, and submit vouchers and CDO-48's to the Payroll Office by the first day of the next pay period.

Student pay day is around the 15th of each month (an annual schedule is sent to each unit for posting), and checks are distributed from the Library Office.

VI. Budget

In the Spring, the Library outlines the process for determining the next fiscal year budget for student employees. The Library Management Team (LMT) reviews and approves the process/requests and allocates student assistant and Work Study funds before the end of the Spring semester. Each unit is responsible for:

  • remaining within its budgeted allotment for that fiscal year,
  • identifying funds that won't be expended,
  • with Division Head/University Librarian approval, exchanging funds with other Units when necessary or,
  • identifying special needs and requesting along with documentation/justification, additional funding through the appropriate Division Head/University Librarian.

At the beginning of each month, the Student Assistant Coordinator will prepare a monthly report of student assistant/work study expenditures. This report will show the expenditures, any transfers of funds and balances for each department. This report will be distributed to all Student Assistant supervisors, Unit Heads and members of the Library Management Team.

Related documents available from the Student Assistant Coordinator:

  • Verification of Employee Form
  • Student Employment Ethnicity Report
  • Index of Library Student Employee Job Characteristics
  • Performance Standards for Library Student Employees
  • Library Student Assistant Performance Evaluation "Sample"
  • Student Employee Position Description/Classification Change (library use only)

Approved: LMT 4/20/93
Revised: LMT 7/24/00

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