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Library Administrative Manual

5.18 Employee Training & Development

I. Policy

The University offers a variety of training and development programs including on-the-job training, on-campus specialized training, individual development programs, and, on occasion, off-campus specialized training. Announcements of these training programs are issued periodically by the campus personnel office. It is the policy of the J. Paul Leonard Library to encourage its employees not only to examine the programs available, but also to review the policies related to career development and the fee waiver program and to take advantage of them within the prescribed guidelines.

II. Guidelines

  1. Approval of requests for training (career or job related) require the approval of the appropriate Assistant University Librarian or his/her designee. The decision to approve/disapprove shall be based on:
    1. operational needs (such as, number of requests, time requested, appropriateness to the work, etc.)
    2. employee needs (career development, individual interest, etc.)
    3. campus policies and procedures pertaining to the particular program under which training is requested.
  2. Use of Work Time
    1. Requests initiated by employees: In-service training on campus. Maximum of twelve hours per person each semester.
    2. Requests initiated by library administration: If an employee is directed, or is directed by implication, to attend a class, then the full amount of time required in attending the class, including travel time, must be considered work time. In addition, all costs (such as tuition, travel costs, books, etc.) must be borne by the Library.
  3. Funding of Training Requests

    Requests for funding should be forwarded as appropriate to the following:

    1. Professional Activities Committee (See Library Policy No. 2.4)
    2. Appropriate Assistant University Librarian for work related requests to be funded from divisional funds, as available.
    3. Appropriate Assistant University Librarian and the University Librarian for work related requests to be funded from administrative funds, as available.
  4. Procedure
    1. Faculty requests. (See Library Policy No. 2.4)
    2. Support staff requests. Requester completes and forwards to the appropriate Assistant University Librarian or his/her designee for approval the following:
      1. Departmental absence request forms
      2. Memorandum detailing the workshop, class, etc. including date, place, cost, if any, and justification.

Approved Library Cabinet: 7/14/83

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