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Library Administrative Manual

5.11 Affirmative Action Policy for Recruitment and Hiring

I. General Statement

San Francisco State University is an equal opportunity employer. In support of this policy, the Library's objectives shall be:

  • To recruit, hire, train and promote the most qualified persons in all job classifications without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, veteran's status, or non job-related physical or mental disability, age, or sex;
  • To make decisions within all stages of the employment process that will further the principles of equal employment opportunity.
  • To apply the principles of affirmative action to correct problems and ensure equal opportunity in areas where under utilization of women or minorities are found.

II. Recruitment

  1. The Assistant University Librarian for Administrative Services will act as Affirmative Action Facilitator (AAF) for Library recruitment and hiring.
  2. The AAF will review the position description and assist in drafting the job announcement and ad for publication.
  3. For a tenure track position, a copy of the job description, announcement and advertisement along with a Tenure-Track Request form must be submitted for approval. The Assoc. Vice-President for Faculty Affairs and Director of Affirmative Action must approve the position description and recruitment plan before the request for recruitment will be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  4. For temporary librarian recruitment, copies of announcements and advertisements and lists of locations where the announcements were sent must be forwarded to the Director of Affirmative Action to comply with the University's affirmative action policy.
  5. The recruitment plan will include a list of sources and advertisements. In addition to national professional journals and CSU and UC libraries, recruitment for minorities, women and disabled will be solicited through ALA committees and through minority publications and job listings.

III. Hiring

  1. All applicants for tenure-track positions will be mailed Sex and Ethnic Identification and Referral Information forms (Att. 1) to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity laws and regulations. The Library Office will detach and forward Part B of each form to the Affirmative Action Office.
  2. The AAF will brief the selection committee on affirmative action goals and guidelines.
  3. The AAF will review prepared questions to be asked of candidates by the selection committee, staff and faculty for compliance with affirmative action guidelines (Att. 2).
  4. The AAF (or an appointed affirmative action committee) will participate in interviews of candidates to insure that no discriminatory questions are asked and that the same prepared questions are asked of all candidates.
  5. The AAF will confer in the decision-making process.
  6. The AAF will report to the University Librarian that all affirmative action guidelines have been met.
  7. At the end of the hiring process, the Recruitment Process Report (Att. 3) containing the statistics of the recruitment will be forwarded to the Director of Affirmative Action.

DRAFT: 4/91

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