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Library Administrative Manual

3.9 Services and Equipment for the Disabled

I. Policy

It is the policy of the J. Paul Leonard Library to provide equal access to the Library and its resources to all who request it. Various accommodations, as shown below, are made to allow persons with disabilities to locate, examine and borrow Library materials needed in the pursuit of their academic work. The staff is expected to be alert to the needs of persons with disabilities among those it serves, and to offer assistance when it is, or appears to be required, without forcing unwelcome attention on them. Courtesy and respect to all Library users is an integral part of staff training.

II. Building Access for the Physically Disabled

(See Policy Number 6.5)

III. Special Services Provided the Disabled

  1. By Circulation Services
    1. Assistance in entering or leaving the main Library to the orthopedically and visually disabled. (Request at Exit Control)
    2. Elevator service from the main floor to the Faculty Reserve Services on the ground floor and return. (Request at Loan Desk and Faculty Reserve Services Desk)
    3. Paging books from the stacks for individuals with impairments and print disabilities who are unaccompanied by readers. (Request at Loan Desk)
    4. Filling out any forms for access for any person unable to do so him/herself. (Request at any public service desk.)
    5. Escort and entry to the Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access adjacent to the Faculty Reserve Services study area. (Request at Faculty Reserve Services Desk)
    6. Safety monitoring of the Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access. (Request at Faculty Reserve Services)
    7. Facilitate access to checkout desks where line-up ropes exist. (Request Loan Desk and Faculty Reserve Services.)
    8. Needed and/or requested assistance in the open book stacks. (Request at Stacks Maintenance, 2nd floor office.)
    9. Special borrowing arrangements as needed. (Request at Loan Desk)

  2. By the Reference and/or Information Desks
    1. Assistance in reaching inaccessible reference books, online catalog, and cumbersome, awkward periodical indexes.
    2. Limited amount of reading aloud as staff is available.
    3. Loan of magnifying glasses.
    4. Delivery of reference materials to Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access upon request.
    5. Referrals to other units for assistance on upper floors.
    6. Referral to microfiche reader for print handicapped students on second floor and to the Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access.

IV. Special Equipment

As funds permit, the Library is committed to purchase special equipment which will benefit persons with disabilities.

V. Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access

Name The area is called the Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access.

Governance The J. Paul Leonard Library Administration has sole control over the Maurice K. Schiffman Room in determining its future and all decisions regarding spatial modifications. The Library liaison is the Assistant University Librarian for Administrative Services.

Purpose To provide an accessible area where students with disabilities may come to study for course related work, including students with visual disabilities (VH) and learning disabilities (LD).

Function The Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access is an adapted environment, for individual study, comprised of a central study area and individual listening/recording rooms. The room is not intended for group study, class instruction, or group meetings.

Eligibility San Francisco State University students may be eligible to use the Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access . To determine eligibility, students should contact Disabled Student Services to discuss their needs with an appropriate staff member. Once eligibility has been established, students must attend orientation provided by Disabled Student Services (DSS) on the use of the room, its materials and equipment. Students from Disabled Student Services (DSS) then present this authorization to the Admissions & Records Office, Second Floor, Administration Building.

Readers, whether they be currently enrolled San Francisco State University students or volunteers, who need access to the Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access, should also contact Disabled Student Services about receiving authorization to use the room. Authorization is extended on a semester basis and must be renewed for future use of the area.

Accessibility The door to the Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access is equipped with an automatic device that is activated by an adapted San Francisco State University student identification card. (Please refer to "Eligibility" section for process for adapted card.)

Readers, not accompanied by a student, must request admittance at the Faculty Reserve Services Desk. Proof of their authorization to use the Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access must be shown at that time. Readers receive an authorization letter from DSS each semester which they present to Faculty Reserve Services staff.

Adapted Equipment Various adapted aids for print handicapped students are available in the Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access. The equipment includes: Four-track tape recorders, closed circuit TVs which enlarged print, a Kurzweil Reading Machine (KRM), tape duplicator, Perkins braillers, electric typewriters, and large print/braille references.

The Kurzweil Reading Machine is on permanent loan from the Xerox Corporation. Users of the machine both on and off campus must be thoroughly trained by staff of the DSS who offer demonstrations and training. When users have completed the training, they are issued special cards which confirm eligibility to use the Machine. These special cards must be presented to theFaculty Reserve Services staff when use of the Kurzweil Reading Machine is requested. DSS coordinates equipment repair and also replaces items, including tape recorders and closed circuit TVÍs. Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access users should inform the DSS office and the Faculty Reserve Services staff immediately if any equipment malfunctions.

Emergency Evacuation In case of emergency, Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access users should follow the instructions of the Faculty Reserve Services staff. If building evacuation becomes necessary, users should exit through the west door of the ground floor.

Additional Information Contact DSS at 338-2472 (Voice/TDD) for more detailed information about the Maurice K. Schiffman Room for Print Access.

For additional information on related services, please refer to Library Information Guide #26, Library Services for the Disabled.

VI. Disabled Student Services (DSS)

It is the policy of the Library to work closely with DSS to provide needed services and equipment which will be of assistance to those who are disabled.

Approved by Library Directors Group: 9/17/87
Date Revised: 4/20/93

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