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Library Administrative Manual

3.4 Rapid Copy Center

I. Background of the Rapid Copy Center

The Rapid Copy Center is owned and operated by the J. Paul Leonard Library as a service to the campus community. It is a facility used by Library staff, Library patrons, and various other units of the San Francisco State University to produce photocopies from books and original materials.

The J. Paul Leonard Library Rapid Copy Center is a self-sustaining operation and all salaries for personnel, all monies expended for machinery, supplies and maintenance, and all other expenditures connected with the Center are paid for by income from the products of the Center.

The Rapid Copy Center reports to the Assistant University Librarian for Administrative Services through the Library Business Officer. The Head of the Rapid Copy Center is responsible for the day-to-day operations/supervision of the Center, for generating the monthly income and expenditure reports of the Center, and for completing an annual report of Center activities.

II. Major Mission of the Rapid Copy Center

The major function of the Rapid Copy Center is to provide a copy service for Library materials. As a related service, the Rapid Copy Center will make copies for the campus community. Professional copying is available within the Center, itself, and Center staff also maintain the self-service paper and microform copiers, change, and copy card machines located throughout the Library.

Since many of the Center's patrons copy from materials owned by the Library, provision of professional photocopying helps protect Library materials from vandalism and copyright abuse. Provision of self-service copiers also helps to keep materials within the building for other users.

Both professional copying and self-service photocopying are intended to aid the mission of the Library which is to provide information in support of the University's curriculum.

III. What Does the Rapid Copy Center Sell?

The Rapid Copy Center primarily sells photocopies from books, magazines, newspapers, microforms and paper products.

In addition to book, magazine, microform and paper copying the Rapid Copy Center also sells the following pre-made products: instructor-designed course readers, instructor-designed quizzes and answers to quizzes, the Library Workbook, and department-designed entrance requirements for University courses or course descriptions.

All pre-made photocopy products sold by the Rapid Copy Center are checked for copyright compliance. In the case of course readers, these must either be compilations of an instructor's own original work or must come to the Center with proof of copyright clearance or show evidence of expired copyright (see attachment 1). The Rapid Copy Center also accepts photocopy jobs of course

readers from the Franciscan Shops for which the Shops have provided copyright certification (see attachment 2).

The Rapid Copy Center will duplicate any materials for which a patron is willing to pay. Clear violations of copyright provide one of the few instances when the Rapid Copy Center will refuse to duplicate materials.

The Center will sell, however, only those pre-made photocopied materials which are clearly in support of the curriculum, which have met the Center's own standards for copyright compliance, and which it has been requested to sell by a faculty or staff member of the San Francisco State University.

In general, political statements, materials produced by student groups, and advertisements are not sold by the Rapid Copy Center. The ability of a pre-made photocopied product to generate profit does not determine its availability in the Rapid Copy Center. Additionally, no pre-made photocopied item for sale in the Rapid Copy Center is expected to generate profit for the individual requesting its sale and distribution through the Center.

Within these general guidelines, the decision on which pre-made photocopy products to sell is under the general purview of the Head of the Rapid Copy Center. In instances of doubt, the Head consults with the Library Business Officer to determine the propriety of any anticipated items for sale.

It is understood that special exceptions and some flexibility may be exercised in accommodating disabled patrons in reproducing materials in oversized formats, particularly if that format is not available commercially or easily elsewhere.

A few related supplies are also sold by the Rapid Copy Center: computer discs, ear plugs, copier cards, printing vouchers, envelopes, sheets of paper, binding, transparencies, Library workbooks and labels. Each of these must be an adjunct to photocopying or assist patrons in making better use of the Library.

IV. Operations

The Center is expected to cover its costs of doing business.

Therefore, the Head of the Rapid Copy Center must obtain quotes from various vendors before committing the Library to the purchase of any machines, supplies, or maintenance from any "outside"source. These price quotes, or bids, are submitted to University Purchasing, which, with the clear recommendation of the Head of the Rapid Copy Center, awards the purchase order contract for the Center's supplies.

In the event that the Rapid Copy Center receives an over abundance of work requests from the University community, it may contract with a sub-contractor to handle photocopying.

Any funds that may be collected in excess of the amounts needed to pay for supplies, maintenance, equipment, salaries and other operating expenses are placed in the Library's Revolving Rapid Copy Account. The University receives 15% of the gross sales of the Center to cover administrative costs. The residue, if any, may be used by the Library to pay for other copy-related activities, services which benefit Library patrons or staff, or supplies in support of the Library's mission.

Personnel within the Rapid Copy Center report directly to the Head of the Center. A training manual (see attachment 3) has been devised which is used to instruct personnel in the proper procedures for photocopying materials, handling money, reporting attendance, etc.

V. Accountability of the Rapid Copy Center

The basic job of reporting the financial transactions for the Center is the responsibility of the Head of the Center. The Library Business Officer incorporates this information into the overall accounts of the Library and handles reporting to the University of Rapid Copy transactions.

Both the Head of the Rapid Copy Center and the Library Business Officer will work together to provide the information necessary to report/justify expenditures for periodical audits.

An annual report with detailed figures for each month's sales and charting the progress or goals of the Center is expected from the Head at the end of the fiscal year.

Other operational details (such as access to the safe, changing safe combinations, basic recordkeeping for the Center, etc.) are not the substance of this document, but should be in writing among the Rapid Copy Center's operational manuals.

LMT Approved: 4/15/91 Revised: 5/10/93

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