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Library Administrative Manual

2.8 Number: Library Staff Training and Development Committee: Policy and Functions Statement

I. Purpose

The Staff Training and Development Committee (STDC) is a standing committee of the Library and reports to the University Librarian. The purposes of the Committee are:

  1. As needs are identified, support and foster staff training and development in consultation with staff and administration.
  2. Identify and publicize staff training and development opportunities available through workshops, institutes and conferences.
  3. Seek, allocate and distribute non-administrative staff training and development funds according to approved guidelines.
  4. Review and approve staff requests for funding of self-selected training and development opportunities.
  5. Plan and arrange in-house seminars, workshops and training for staff and participates in planning library wide retreats.

II. Membership and Organization

  1. Membership
    1. The Committee shall consist of four staff members elected at large by the library staff for a three year term plus one LMT staff representative. All library staff regardless of status, rank or time base are eligible to serve on the STDC.
    2. Each year there will be an election for two committee members on the basis of a system of rotation.
    3. Should a committee member resign or be unable to complete their term, a special election shall be held to fill the remainder of the term.
  2. Organization
    1. The Committee shall elect its own chair annually.
    2. The Committee shall elect one committee member to serve as a recorder/secretary.
    3. One Committee member of the STDC shall have the responsibility for editing the Opportunity Knocks column in Libewire.
    4. The STDC chair shall prepare an annual report of STDC activities in consultation with other committee members for submission to the University Librarian.
    5. The committee shall periodically review its role and function and recommend to the Library Staff and University Librarian changes to its charge as appropriate.

III. Functions

  1. Organization and Conduct of STDC Meetings
    1. Library STDC Meetings shall be conducted in the following manner.
      1. Meetings will be scheduled once a month. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the committee.
      2. Agenda items are sent to the chair. If no agenda items are submitted, STDC may cancel the regularly scheduled meeting.
      3. Decisions to approve or disapprove staff requests for funding require three out of five votes.
  2. Organization of Activities and Programs
    1. STDC works with Team Leaders, Coordinators, University Librarian and the Library Faculty Affairs Committee, as appropriate, in coordinating programs and activities which provide for training and development for library staff.
  3. Clearinghouse Functions
    1. Using the title "Opportunity Knocks", the STDC offers information on seminars, workshops, training and professional development activities in two ways:
      1. announcements that occur in Libewire.
      2. a development binder which can be requested at the Periodicals Service Desk.
  4. Financial Support for Staff Training and Development
    1. STDC seeks funding support (non-administrative generated funds) from such organizations as the Friends of the Library, to augment whatever funds might be allocated internally by the Library administration to STDC for training anddevelopment.
    2. STDC reviews staff requests for funding and allocates and distributes funds for attendance at workshops, training seminars, professional meetings, etc. based on guidelines approved by the Library Staff and the University Librarian.

Approved by LMT: 3/4/96

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