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Library Administrative Manual

2.4.1 Guidelines for Allocation of Professional Development Funds

  1. Guidelines for Allocation of Professional Development Funds
    1. To support professional growth and development, the Library Faculty Affairs Committee (LFAC) will allocate and distribute available funds each year for the following activities:
      1. Presentation of papers, participation on panels, etc. at relevant professional meetings, workshops, institutes and conferences.
      2. Attendance at conferences and meetings of relevant professional societies and service on committees of professional societies which promote the mission of the Library and the University.
      3. Attendance at professional workshops, pre-conferences, institutes, etc. which enhance one's professional knowledge and/or skills.
    2. Additional criteria which LFAC may consider in funding requests include:
      1. Direct applicability of the event to the individual's library assignment;
      2. 2. Other compensation allocated for the same event including administrative funding;
      3. 3. Distance required to travel to the event;
      4. 4. Number of funding requests submitted by an individual for an academic year;
      5. 5. Supporting documentation submitted by faculty members for a funding allocation.
  2. Eligibility for Funds
    1. All members of the library faculty are eligible for funds., i.e., all members of the bargaining unit.
  3. Allocation Formula
    1. Applicants requesting funds for a statewide activity (more than 50 miles from campus) may be awarded no less than 2.5% and no more than 4% of the total available funds; applicants requesting funds for a regional or national activity may be awarded no less than 7.5% and no more than 9% of the total available funds. Committee service and/or participation on a program will be taken into consideration in allocating the maximums of 4% and 9%.
    2. There will be two deadlines for applications for funds - the first being November 1 of the current academic year. The second deadline will be April 1. At that time all remaining funds will be allocated. A librarian may receive funding support for an activity in each category (state or national) only once in an academic year unless there are no other first time requests awaiting action after the April 1 deadline.
  4. Procedures for Applying for and Distribution of Funds
    1. For consideration applicants must submit by the announced deadlines a "Request for Travel Funds" to the LFAC chair.
    2. LFAC reviews the requests and determines the dollar amounts that will be awarded. Recipients will be notified of the amount of their award within three weeks after the given deadline for requests. At least two of the three LFAC members must sign the request form indicating approval.
    3. The requester is responsible for submitting her/his approved form with the appropriate documentation: receipts, copies of canceled checks, etc., to the Library Business Officer who will arrange for reimbursement.

Approved by Library Faculty: 12/95
Approved by LMT: 1/9/96

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