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Library Administrative Manual

2.4 Professional Activities Committee: Policy & Function Statement

I. Purpose

Membership and Term of Office

  1. Membership
    1. The Committee will consist of librarians elected at large by the Library Faculty for a three-year term. All Library Faculty regardless of status or rank are eligible to serve on the committee. The Committee will select its own chair. The chair shall serve a one-year term.
  2. Term of Office
    1. Committee members will serve staggered terms of three years so that one librarian shall be replaced each year.

Committee Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Professional Activities and Projects
    1. Committee meetings
      1. The Committee will develop a calendar of regularly scheduled committee meetings at the beginning of each semester.
    2. Library Faculty Meetings
      1. Prior to the start of each semester the Professional Activities Committee shall set a calendar of monthly meetings of the Library Faculty and will call additional meetings as needed. The Committee is responsible for conducting these meetings as well as making sure that minutes are taken.
      2. The Professional Activities Committee shall set a calendar for deadlines by which agenda items shall be submitted to them. If insufficient items have been submitted, or there are no items of immediate importance, the Professional Activities Committee may cancel a meeting.
      3. The Professional Activities Committee shall communicate these deadlines through the Library newsletter and/or other appropriate channels.
      4. Quorum. Those Library Faculty members which are in attendance at any regularly scheduled meeting or at any specially called meeting where at least three working days notice has been given shall constitute a quorum. Reviews reimbursement requests and distributes available funds as specified in Policy No. 5.14b: Library Faculty Requests for Funding Support to Attend Professional Meetings. Communicates relevant issues to Library Faculty through the appropriate channels.
  2. Programs
    1. Initiates and/or coordinates programs and activities which provide for professional growth and development including Faculty Development Week.
  3. Annual Report The Chair of the Professional Activities Committee prepares an annual report and submits it to the University Librarian or their designee.
  4. Periodic Review The Committee will periodically review its role and function and will recommend to the University Librarian whether the charge should be altered, the method of operation changed, or the function discontinued.

Date Approved: 2/17/82
Revised: 2/29/84
2nd Revised draft prepared by Caroline Harnly, Chair, Professional Activities Committee: 93/94
2nd Revision approved by the Library Faculty: 6/94
Minor change to this revision approved by the Library Faculty: 9/15/94

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