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Library Administrative Manual

2.12 Library Tenure-Track Faculty Hiring Committee Policy

I. Introduction

The Library faculty hiring processes shall follow the current Agreement between the Board of Trustees of the California State University and the California Faculty Association, Unit 3 Faculty and the current San Francisco State University Faculty Hiring policy.

The LibraryÕs departmental policy is intended only to amplify and implement those documents.

II. General Statement

A Library Faculty Hiring Committee shall be elected for each tenure-track library faculty recruitment.

Library Retention, Tenure, and Promotions Committee Membership

The term of office shall begin with a review of the position description as drafted by the Library Department Co-Chairs and shall end with either the announcement of a hiring or a cancellation of the search.

The Library Faculty Hiring Committee shall consist of at least three members elected by all of the Library faculty (including lecturers). One member of the committee shall be a current member of the Library Retention, Tenure and Promotion committee (RTP). All Library tenured/tenure-track faculty are eligible to stand for election to the remaining two positions.

A separate Hiring Committee shall normally be formed for each tenure-track faculty recruitment.

The members of each Hiring Committee shall elect one of their members to serve as Chair (current RTP member or from among members who have previously served on a Hiring Committee).

If there is potential that an offer might be made to a candidate with award of tenure upon appointment, Academic Affairs will designate a member of Academic Affairs Cabinet to serve on the Hiring Committee.

Approved by Library faculty: 11/03
Approved by Department Co-Chairs: 11/03
Approved by University Librarian: 11/03

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