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Library Administrative Manual

1.5 Flexible Scheduling of Work

I. Intent & Purposes

The intent of this program is to permit flexible scheduling of work when it is desired and where it is reasonable to do so. The purposes of utilizing flexible scheduling are to allow for creative use of employee time, first for the benefit of the Library, second, to accommodate, insofar as it is possible, individual employees to respond to concerns over personal safety and energy conservation, and to recognize the realities of commuting in today's metropolis.

II. Requirement & Considerations

The plan and its application must conform to University and State regulations. Within the Library, it is recognized that the Library Administration Unit (Library Office), the deBellis Collection, and each Division have different responsibilities and should apply the flexible scheduling of work according to and considering their particular needs. Applications of the plan must conform to Library-wide requirements.

III. Library-Wide Requirements

  1. Maintenance of effective and efficient Library services and operations is of paramount importance. Sound Library practices must be continuously maintained to ensure that work and productivity remain at standard levels. The Divisional Assistant University Librarians, Department Heads, and supervisors, as appropriate, are responsible for ensuring that work and productivity are at the standard levels.
  2. Regular services and normal operating hours must be observed throughout the Library according to schedules established for the Library Office, deBellis Collection, Labor Archives and each of the Library divisions (Administrative Services, Media & Print Access, Reader and Technical Services). Schedules in these units may vary from one another depending on requirements and needs.
  3. Except for employees in work week group 4C, full-time employees are required to work no more and no less than 40 hours in any single work week. Employees in work group 4C are required to maintain a minimum average of 40 hours per work week.
  4. Lunch periods may not be less than 30 minutes, and break periods may not be reduced or eliminated to shorten the day.
  5. Monday through Friday employees may be scheduled to work during the hours of 7:00 a.m. through the hours that the Library is open for business, i.e., per the printed schedule of Library hours for the Main Library (excluding Reserve Book Room). On Saturday and Sunday, employees may be scheduled to work during the established Library operating hours.
  6. Each request by an employee for flexible scheduling will be negotiated with the employee's supervisor and/or Department Head as appropriate, subject to the guidelines established for a given Division or other administrative level unit(s). After a request for flexible scheduling is approved, renegotiation may normally occur not at less than pay period intervals. The interval requirement, established by the supervisor and/or Department Head as appropriate, may be of a longer duration.
  7. Each and every employee entitled to request flexible scheduling should feel free to do so. If an employee's desire for flexible scheduling is not accommodated and he or she feels that flexibility is being unfairly denied, appeal may be made to the divisional Assistant University Librarian. Employees in the deBellis Collection and Labor Archives may appeal to the University Librarian.
  8. Thoughtful and responsible consideration must be given to safety and security. Every reasonable precaution must be taken to ensure the personal safety of employees. Safety considerations dictate that in every work area there be a minimum of two employees present at all times. Special caution must be taken during evening hours and weekends; whether on scheduled or non-scheduled assignments, employees are required to sign-in in accordance with established procedures.
  9. It must be clearly understood that flexible scheduling is not a right. It is a possibility subject to the approval of an individual's supervisor and/or Department Head as appropriate.

IV. Duration

The availability of flexible scheduling is subject to university-wide revision or adjustment of university-wide policies.

Date Approved by LMT: 4/20/98

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