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Frank V. de Bellis Collection - Ancient Coins

The Lindgren Collection of Ancient Coins was bequeathed in several lots to the de Bellis Collection and now totals 1,756 pieces.

Professor Emeritus Henry Clay Lindgren of San Francisco State University codified and classified his collection as tangible social and historical evidence of ancient times, spanning 500 BC to the Late Thirteenth Century.

The Lindgren Collection includes bronze and silver coins minted by: a multitude of Roman and Greek cities in the regions of the Black Sea , the Near East, North Africa, and Gaul; the Roman Republic; all the Ptolemies of Egypt; nearly the entire list of Roman Emperors, their consorts and families; the Byzantine Empire; and coins of the Crusaders.

Gold Coin

Some stars of the collection include coins of Ethiopia with the first crosses, Judean coins minted by Jewish rebels of 66-70 AD and 132-35 AD as well as Judean coins depicting Roman procurators of 15-16 AD, and coins of the high classical period of Greece.

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