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The San Francisco State College Strike Collection

Sources Used to Compile the Bibliographies

To be as thorough as possible, I searched almost all the periodical indices in the San Francisco State University Library. The indices which contained the most information were the standard social science, humanities, and education indices; however, I did find occasional citations in such indices as the Engineering Index.

List of Bibliographic Sources Searched

Titles of Bibliographies, Indexes, Abstracts, etc. Citation Found Citation Not Found
Art Index, 1969-1970   X
Applied Sciences and Technology Index, 1968-1969   X
Biography Index, 1968-date X  
Biological Abstracts, 1968-1970   X
Biology and Agricultural Index, 1968-1969   X
Book Review Digest, 1969-date X  
Business Periodicals Index, July, 1968-date X  
Congressional Record, 1968-1969 X  
Cumulative Book Index, 1969-date X  
Current Index to Journals in Education, 1969-date X  
Dissertation Abstracts, 1968-date X  
Education Index, 1968-date X  
Engineering Index, 1968-1970 X  
Essay and General Literature Index, 1968-date X  
Facts on File, 1968-date X  
Humanities Index, 1975-date   X
Index Medicus, 1968-1970   X
Index to Legal Periodicals, 1969-date X  
Library Literature, 1969-1970 X  
Music Index, 1969-1970   X
PAIS, 1968-date X  
Psychological Abstracts, 1968-1972 X  
Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, 1968-date X  
Research in Education, 1968-date X  
Social Science Index, 1975-date   X
Social Science and Humanities Index, 1968-1974 X  
Social Science Citation Index, 1972-date X  
Sociological Abstracts, 1968-date X  

Subject Headings under which Citations were Found

Subject headings varied from index to index. The terms I looked under most frequently were:

  • California. State Colleges. San Francisco
  • College And University Students
  • Hayakawa
  • San Francisco State College
  • Strikes
  • Student Demonstrations
  • Student Movements
  • Student Unrest
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