John Roszak Interviews Grace Slick (for Evening Edition)

Date: 3/19/1980
Reference Number:
KQA 7-8
16mm magnetic sound film
Caution: contains some profane language. KQED 16mm film outtakes featuring scenes of John Roszak interviewing singer and songwriter Grace Slick, shot for KQED's Evening Edition show on March 19th 1980. She talks about: the lead guitarist on her soon to be released LP 'Dreams'; how she relates to different forms of rock music, like New Wave and Punk; details from her biography 'Grace Slick: The Biography' by Barbara Rowes; Jefferson Airplane's political message, how the band were represented in their music and disillusionment with the American Dream; outrageous behavior when drunk; the Woodstock and Altamont music festivals; the "San Francisco sound" and notions of the "Haight experience," with distinctions being drawn between "bohemians" "beatniks" and "hippies." Roszak also asks her about whether, with hindsight, she'd change anything that's happened in her life. Note that the interview keeps getting interrupted by background noises.
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