Sutter - Laguna Tenants Protest RDA

Date: 8/26/1975
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KPIX 126894
16mm newsfilm
KPIX Eyewitness News report from August 26th 1975 by Lynne Joiner featuring residents of Japantown objecting to Redevelopment Agency (RDA) plans, which they claim are driving them out of the neighborhood. Includes scenes of Sutter - Laguna tenants protesting on the streets and an interview with a spokeswoman, who reflects that the RDA: "Seem to see it as their job of just upgrading buildings. And this has a consequence for all the homeowners and renters in the city ... because ... it takes out the low income and moderate income housing stock from the city ... People get a sense that they're losing their neighborhood. A neighborhood is more than just buildings. It's the relationship between people."
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