Jane Fonda speaks at an Anti-Nixon Rally

Date: 8/24/1972
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KPIX 109407
16mm newsfilm
KPIX Eyewitness report from 24th of August 1972 by Bill Hillman in San Francisco, featuring Jane Fonda speaking at an Anti-Nixon rally and march to City Hall. Fonda states: "I want to try to relate to you and I don't know if I have the words yet to do it, but it has changed my life and I would like someday to be able to have the words ? [on Fonda's time in Vietnam] ... I would go into villages that had been bombed the day before and talk to women who's families had been wiped out, and they would come to me with tears in their eyes and they would take my hand and say, thank you... tell the peace loving people of America thank you for speaking out against the war, we are so grateful." Also includes views of crowds marching and relaxing at Aquatic Park. The TV Archive would like to thank guest-intern Si?n Williams who repaired, remastered, catalogued and edited this newsfilm for the web.
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